Emerging Leader Grants Program

We Raise Foundation

Relevent Country: United States of America

The We Raise Foundation is inviting applications for its Emerging Leader Grants, an investment in the development of leaders, between the ages of 20-35, at Christian organizations who are leading new programs at the intersection of poverty, violence, and inequality in the United States.

They believe investing in leaders and their programs when they are getting started can have a catalytic impact on both the program, and the kind of leader that person will be long into the future. They seek to identify leaders who possess these skills and characteristics:

  • Inspires and influences others
  • clear communicator
  • Visionary and strategic thinking
  • Persistence and commitment
  • Develop trust within their team
  • Deep engagement in their community
  • A calling to this work, rooted in faith in Christ

Funding Information

  • Emerging Leader grants are $15,000 over two years for new programs led by young adult leaders.
  • Of the $15,000, $10,000 is designated for start-up expenses for the new program and $5,000 is designated exclusively for leadership development.

They do not Fund?

Programs in existence over 3 years, unless invited to apply

  • Programs outside the United States
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Event sponsorship
  • Funding to an individual (ie scholarships)
  • Planning grants
  • Advocacy and public policy focused work

Eligibility Criteria

  • Christian nonprofits within the United States and serving people in the United States
  • Organizations serving people at the intersection of poverty, violence and inequality
  • Organizations serving efficiently people of color
  • Programs that are 3 years or younger or ones that have significantly expanded or entirely revised
  • Programs that propose a new and innovative approach
  • Capital expenses essential to new programming
  • Organizations or congregations may submit only one proposal or letter of inquiry during a grant cycle. Incomplete proposals may be eliminated from consideration for grant funding. Where any specific grant program’s eligibility requirements conflict with these general rules, the specific program’s requirements takes priority.

Source: https://weraise.org/what-we-do/grant-information/emerging-leader-grants/