EOI for empanelment of Agencies/Institutions to execute evaluation/assessment of NGO led health programmes under OSH&FWS.

Odisha State Health & Family Welfare Society
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Friday, January 17, 2020

Detailed Description


The Government of Odisha has a mandate of providing integrated comprehensive Primary Health Care Services to the rural & urban population throughout the State, which has the weak public health indicators and/or infrastructure.

The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Odisha is implementing many ongoing programmes on Health and Family Welfare including Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child Health and Adolescent Health (RMNCH+A), various Disease Control Programmes, NonCommunicable Disease Programme, Routine Immunisation, etc. The goal is to improve the availability of and access to quality healthcare by people, especially those residing in rural areas, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the women and children. This is proposed, to be achieved through increased community ownership, decentralization of the programmes to the district level, inter-sectoral convergence and improved primary healthcare.

Objective of the Evaluation/Assessment:

  • The overall objectives of the evaluation/assessment is to assess the impact of the health programmes implemented though partnership mode based on the input and process indicators supplemented by outcome indicators. However, followings are the objectives;
  • To identify important programme and institutional strengths and weaknesses of the partners in implementation of the health programmes.
  • To assess the availability and utilization of Health & Family Welfare service by community served under the projects.
  • To identify innovations carried out by the partners to increase access and service provision for unreached and unserved population.
  • Identify the possible areas & gaps for making partnership arrangement or policy level decisions in delivery of health services.
  • To critically review the physical & financial progress/achievements of the partner in carry out of the assigned programmes.

Scope of the Evaluation/Assessment:

  • NHM, Odisha will empanel experienced and professional organizations to conduct evaluation/assessment of the health programmes being implemented in partnership mode in the State out of NHM support.
  • The evaluating Agency will access the capability & effectiveness of the partnership in execution of the assigned health programmes in the assigned areas.
  • The evaluation/assessment includes accessing the health seeking behavior of the community, KAP, health economics, morbidity, mortality, disease profile etc.
  • Comprehensive analysis between baseline and end line performance/outcome indicators of the individual project.
  • Further, the evaluating Agency will compare and analyze with similar non-intervention adjacent areas in the terms of service delivery and impact.
  • The Agency would be responsible for development of the evaluation tools and finalization
  • of input process and impact indicators in consultation with NHM

Applicants’ Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be a single legal entity and not a joint venture or consortium.
  • The applicant should be an Academic Body/ University/ Institution / Consulting Firm and must be registered under relevant legislations (i.e Society Regd. Act 1960/Indian Trust Act/Affiliated under any University/Professional Associations/Indian Company Act etc.) of the country since last five years.
  • At least five years’ experience in conducting independent evaluation/ assessment in social development sector which involve field based work with the community people, preferably in public health in last five years.
  • The Agency should have completed minimum five evaluations for any Government or Development Agencies in last five years.
  • The Agency should have at least three-fulltime experts/ subject specialist with more than 5 five years of work experience in similar field that would conduct the evaluation/assessment. (Personal bio-date along with photos of these key experts to be enclosed)

General Term and Conditions

  • After selection and receipt of empanelment letter from NHM, Odisha, the empaneled Agencies will have to communicate their confirmation consent letter within ten days of receipt of such communication.
  • Before execution of any evaluation/assessment, the empanelled Agency has to sign MoU/Agreement with OSH&FW Society in each occasion.
  • The evaluating Agency required to submit the draft evaluation report within 45 days of signing of the MoU with OSH&FW Society and the final evaluation report within 15 days of receipt of the feedback from the NHM, Odisha on the draft report shared by the evaluating Agency.


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