EOI - Empanelment of NGOs to Facilitate Projects on Livelihoods Enhancement of Scheduled Tribes

‘Odisha Tribal Development Society
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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Detailed Description

Odisha Tribal Development Society (OTDS) is an autonomous Society functioning under the administrative Control of ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Department, Government of Odisha. OTDS is mandated for the upliftment of livehoods of the ST households in the State of Odisha by the funds provisioned by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA), Government of India.

The livelihoods development of the ST households is taken up through different activities that are undertaken in the village level, that would include farm based and off farm based activities. The farm based activities are basically agricultural and horticultural activities that are performed on the farming lands of these ST households, whereas the off farm based activities are those that are not performed in the agricultural lands and would be pertaining basically on poultry, goatery, dairy, etc. Both the type of activities are performed by the ST household farmers for which the Annual Action Plans (AAP) are prepared and thereby after the funds are provisioned under these activities, the progress and performance of these activities are being monitored. Scaling up of activities along with enhancement of total agricultural lands and conversion of non arable land to agriculture land is done by provisioning of irrigation facilities. Crop diversification based on cropping pattern and climate resilience crops are also undertaken for better productivity, sustainable agriculture and income generation of the ST households. These farm based and off farm based activities overall contribute to the increase in the household income and enhancement of livelihoods of the ST households.

Mission Jeevika, an initiative of the Odisha Tribal Development Society (OTDS), ST & SC Development Department, was formed to undertake these On farm and Off farm activities for the ST households in 13 tribal districts spanning across 119 TSP blocks of Odisha. Funds are provisioned under Special Central Assistance for Tribal Development (SCA to TD) and under Article 275(I) from Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA). Some of the activities are also provisioned through convergence from various schemes like MGNREGA.

Qualifying Criteria:

The NGO 

  • Should be a registered legal entity of at least 5 years standing.
  • Should have field experience in implementing / facilitating Livelihood development, Natural Resources Management, Watershed Management and Enterprise development projects.
  • Should not have been blacklisted by CAPART or any other Department of Government of India or State Government.

The intending NGOs should submit their applications in the format placed at Annexure–II. The applications should be submitted along with the documents as specified at Annexure-III. The Selection Criteria for empanelment of the FNGOs will be done based on the criteria shown at Annexure–IV.

Selected NGOs will be empanelled by OTDS for one year. As and when required, the empanelled NGO will be invited to sign an agreement with the respective ITDA to function as a Facilitating NGO (FNGO). The FNGO will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for one year, with the concerned Project Administrator, ITDA that will spell out well-defined annual outputs, against which the performance of each FNGO will be monitored each year and evaluated on a regular basis by the ITDA / District Collector / ST & SC Development Department. The MOU with the FNGO may be renewed beyond one year on mutual consent.

Upon selection, each FNGO will put in position a dedicated team of experts, as required by the ITDA. The team will be hired by the FNGO on contract for a term, not exceeding the contract/project period by the FNGO with the respective ITDA. The composition of the team of experts will be indicated in the MoU. No programme funds i.e. funds for works related to livelihood / enterprise development and funds for preparation of Annual Action Plan, shall be released to the FNGO.

Address for Correspondence & Submission of Technical Proposals

  • Odisha Tribal development Society (OTDS) ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Department, Adivasi Exhibition Ground, Unit – I, Bhubaneswar – 751009


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