EOI For Selection Of Service Providers To Promote Overseas Employment Opportunities For The Youth In Gujarat Under Project Shashwat

District Mineral Foundation
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Friday, August 16, 2019

Detailed Description


Gujarat today has attained the state of the most favored location for industrial investment in the country. Of all the Indian states, Gujarat accounts for a sizable chunk of investments approved through Industrial Entrepreneurship. Commissioner of Geology and Mining, working under the Industries and Mines Department, Govt. of Gujarat, is established with an aim to search and exploration of Mineral wealth of the state by adopting state-of-the-art exploration techniques. It was identified that mineral related operations are largely affecting the less developed and very remote areas of the country. Need of the hour was to devote special care and attention in an organized and sSourcetructured manner with the objectives to (a) provide benefits to these areas by the mineral wealth and (b) empower them to improve the standards of livings.

Description of the Project

District Mineral Foundation (DMF) has taken up many projects at the district level in Gujarat as per the key priority areas identified and one of the key priority areas of DMF is “Skill Development”. DMF SNU has conceptualized the Project Shashwat with an objective to create sustainable employment to the youth from mining-affected areas and nearby areas. The concept is to provide opportunities of overseas employment to the mining-affected youth.

Key Features of the Project ShashwatSource

  • Candidate to be mobilized from the mining affected villages by recruitment agency/training partners whereas some of the candidates can be mobilized from other locations in the vicinity of mining-affected areas within Gujarat.
  • Skill testing & training and pre-departure training to be facilitated by recruitment agencies/training partners based on the overseas employment demand
  • The training shall be imparted as per the requirements of employer and approved by employer in residential model at the center established by recruitment agency/training partner
  • The recruitment agency/training partners shall be paid basis the per hour rate
  • Recruitment agency/training partners to facilitate employer led assessment of candidates

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Bidder should be a registered legal entity
  • The Bidder should have be in the business of recruitment and deployment of human resources
  • The Bidder should have minimum annual average turnover of INR 1crore over the last three years (2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19)
  • The Bidder should have minimum three years of experience in placing candidates across overseas locations with at least 500 candidates placed in overseas location over the last 3 years Process of Selection
  • All eligible Bidders shall be invited to submit Request for Proposal
  • Multiple agencies may be selected for the execution of the project and allocated targets EOI Submission

Submissions of EOI must be made latest by 16.08.2019 and no later than 6 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) by email with subject line as "Expression of Interest (EOI) for selection of service providers to promote overseas employment opportunities for the youth in Gujarat under Project Shashwat"to the below mentioned e-mail id: director-dmf@gujarat.gov.in


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