EU4Civil Society Sustainability in Ukraine: General CSOs Support

European Union
Last date: 
Saturday, October 10, 2020

Detailed Description

The Initiative Center to Support Social Action “Ednannia” as a strategic partner of Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine has launched the third Call for proposals “General CSOs Support” and invites Ukrainian organizations to participate.

The goal of this call is to strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian Civil Society to challenges and emergencies, to help overcome possible negative impacts, and to ensure the continuous implementation of their own missions.

European Union will strengthen the organizational, technical, communication, and advocacy capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the field of democracy, governance, and human rights. They also want organizations to develop their potential and play a leading role in their communities at the national level, solve problems, and meet challenges in a changing environment.

The specific objectives of this type of grant are:

  • Promote the development of CSOs’ technical capabilities needed to carry out their missions, increase their influence at the oblast and, in some places, national levels;
  • Promote the development of organizational capacity, strengthening the sustainability of CSOs and building trust in CSOs from target groups, potential partners, and the public;
  • Promote the communication and advocacy capacity of CSOs, including promoting the capacity of CSOs to influence local policies, in particular through dialogue and cooperation with various stakeholders (local authorities, public authorities, entrepreneurs, etc.).

Funding Information

  • The possible amount of the grant under this competition is from UAH 320,000 to UAH 1,920,000.
  • It is expected that the implementation period of projects under this competition will be from 12 to 18 months.

Eligibility Criteria

The competition must meet the following requirements:

  • be officially registered in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Public association “(2415-VIII of 15.05.2018) and the Law of Ukraine” On charitable activities and charitable organizations “(1664-VIII of 06.10.2016) with the status of a legal entity;
  • have experience in democracy, governance, and human rights; and confirmed the successful experience of program activities in these areas works;
  • have the status of non-profit (only non-profit codes 0032, 0034, 0036, 0038,0039 or 0048);
  • have a developed strategic plan with well-written strategic goals and operational plan for their achievement, as well as the annual budget approved by the management CSO body;
  • have a management team and staff with appropriate qualifications and experience, able to take responsibility and ensure the implementation of planned activities under this grant.
  • have an active governing body in the organization.


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