European Local Cross-border Journalism Grants

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

The is seeking applications for the Local Cross-Border Journalism Grant Programme to support local cross-border investigative teams of professional journalists and/or news outlets to bring the locals to the European level as well as to local citizens all over Europe.

This grant programme aims to address the shortage of local journalists and award grants to local investigative and in-depth journalistic projects. The key aspect of this programme is the cross-border collaboration, which will allow interested local journalists and/or media outlets to explore possible solutions using expansive resources. This project also aims to spur more critical thinking about society’s pressing problems, increase the level of debate, and foster civic engagement. The grant can also offer support to preliminary work in the development of new investigative and in-depth projects.

Along with promoting investigative journalism among local cities and/or regions, this project also plans to develop a training programme in various aspects of investigative journalism, local audience engagement, and security as most local journalists lack or have few resources available at their disposal. They may also lack experience with cross-border investigative journalism. The training programmes will include experienced partners with a reputable background and extensive experience in their fields.

The grant can cover working time and expenses such as logistics, travel, insurance, access to legal support, translations, access to technology and data sets, etc.

Funding Information

  • The total available amount per call to be distributed among all supported investigations will be around €100.000.
  • The programme is supported by the European Commission and Adessium Foundation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Local Cross-Border investigative teams of at least two journalists and/or media outlets can submit a proposal for local journalistic investigations in Europe.
  • The applicants must be professional freelance journalists or media outlets. Personal references and/or references to earlier work are essential in that respect.
  • Media outlets must be legal entities officially incorporated at least one year before the application deadline of the grant call.
  • The investigation proposal must concern local cross-border investigative journalism in geographical Europe. The aim of this grant programme is to stimulate local journalists and media outlets to compare with other regions and cities in other countries that face similar problems or challenges, which are eminently European issues.
  • The result of the investigation must be published by at least two professional media outlets in at least two different European countries. Letters of intent (LOI) for publication from at least two professional media outlets are required.
  • Investigative journalism published by professional media in any form is eligible, no matter whether print, online, broadcast or cross-media. All journalistic end products qualify for a grant: newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television documentaries and series, photo-reportages and books, podcasts and journalistic non-fiction books.