Fetisov Journalism Awards

Fetisov Journalism Awards

Relevent Country: Switzerland

Nominations are now open for the Fetisov Journalism Awards to promote universal human values such as honesty, justice, courage and nobility through the example of outstanding journalists from all over the world as their dedicated service and commitment contribute to changing the world for the better.


  • Promotion of contemporary journalism as a unique profession that contributes to transforming the lives of individuals, communities and the world as a whole
  • Spreading the word about inspiring deeds of the award nominees and winners
  • Bringing journalists together as a community of like-minded people willing to raise journalism to an entirely new level and to meet new demands.


  • Organization of annual global contests for journalists in order to distinguish the works of those who bring up hot-button issues and have widespread impact
  • Rewarding outstanding journalists with major money prizes for their dedicated work
  • Helping nominees and winners to achieve greater visibility by publishing their works on the website of the contest and in printed media.


  • Outstanding Contribution to Peace: Journalism contributes to peace and conflict resolution by giving voice to peacemakers and highlighting non-violent solutions to social conflict and the struggle for agency or power in society. Entries may focus on a range of questions — arms reduction and disarmament; community discord; ending of national and international conflicts; the work of national and international peacekeepers and community support organisations.
  • Contribution to Civil Rights: The defence of human rights and civil freedoms is a key indicator of journalism as a public good. Entries in this category will reflect respect for individual freedoms, diversity, the rights of minorities and inclusive dialogues in society. Issues covered may include the right to life and personal integrity; freedom of expression, association and religion; and other core civil rights set out in international human rights treaties.
  • Outstanding Investigative Reporting: Investigative reporting holds power to account and is the bedrock of public interest journalism. Entries in this category may focus on the detailed examination of injustice, corruption and wrongdoing in public life or may provide revealing insights into important data and information that is hidden from public view. This journalism promotes transparency, revealing the true causes of events and how investigative reporting is essential to uncovering secrecy, exposing those responsible for malpractice or other activities that may be harmful or criminal.
  • Excellence in Environmental Journalism: Entries in this category will raise public awareness of the climate emergency and the global environmental crisis. The reporting may examine the impact of change on communities as traditional habitats and ways of living are changed beyond recognition. Entrants may draw upon a range of national and international concerns including pollution of air and water, pollution prevention, climate change, waste disposal, chemical weapons, ozone depletion, sustainable living, and population growth.


  • The total prize fund is 520,000 CHF. Three winners in each category share a monetary prize of 130,000 CHF (including taxes, as stipulated by the legislation in force):
  • The first prize winner receives 100,000 CHF and a unique silver statuette designed and handcrafted in Switzerland.
  • The second prize winner receives 20,000 CHF.
  • The third prize winner receives 10,000 CHF.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Fetisov Journalism Awards are open to journalists from any country without exception.

Requirements to Publications

  • All publications must be provided in English. Publications in languages other than English will be accepted provided that they are accompanied by translation into English. The translation must be provided in the same file as the original publication. The translation must be carried out by a professional translator and be of high quality. The translation must be accurate and complete; it has to be carried out in line with the norms and standards of the English language. Translation through an automatic engine is not valid. Word-for-word translation is not allowed.
  • Materials published in printed media, posted on media websites and media will be accepted for participation in the contest.

Publication Assessment Criteria

  • The following criteria are taken into account in assessment of publications:
  • Accuracy: ensuring the information is fact-based and reliable;
  • Independence: avoiding political and corporate bias and undue influence;
  • Impartiality and fairness;
  • Humanity: how principles of non-discrimination and respect for victims, minorities and vulnerable groups are applied
  • Transparency: how the reporting process was out in the open and the athors made themselves accountable
  • Promotion of ethical principles
  • Positive impact of a publication on the political, economic or social situation in a particular area, country or globally.

Source: https://fjawards.com/how-to-enter