Food Access and Recovery Grants

Columbia Basin Trust

Relevent Country: Canada

The Columbia Basin Trust’s Food Access and Recovery Grants is now open for applications to support community-led projects that increase access to affordable, quality, local food, with particular emphasis on supporting vulnerable populations.

This includes projects that support creating or enhancing communal growing/processing spaces and diverting food that would otherwise be wasted.

Funding Information 

  • Up to 85 per cent of total project costs can be requested from the Trust. There is no maximum amount for grant requests; however, they anticipate that many successful projects will be in the range of up to $80,000.


Types of Projects Eligible

Capital purchases to support Food Access and Recovery Projects in one of the following Project Categories:

  • Developing new or enhancing existing local, community growing spaces for use by members of the public (e.g., community garden spaces, chicken coops, noncommercial greenhouses, egg incubators, seed bank/distribution, rooftop gardens, vertical farming, etc.);
  • Creating opportunities for traditional teaching techniques to protect cultural practices; (e.g., traditional plant knowledge or wild meat processing techniques);
  • Redistributing local and, where applicable, non-local food waste (e.g. from a landfill, grocery stores, community fruit trees or garden or local farm or orchard) to individuals, families, and/or community agencies that serve vulnerable populations (e.g. food bank, community kitchen);
  • Integrating improved technology to create efficiencies in, or expand upon, existing community-led food production and/or recovery; and
  • Upgrading infrastructure to improve operations of existing, community-led food production and/or recovery.

Note: Improvements to physical infrastructure are only eligible if they occur on non-profit, local government or First Nations land with established long-term use/operating agreements (minimum three years) and partnerships.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible applicants include registered non-profits, local governments and First Nations in the Columbia Basin Trust region.
  • Applicants operating outside the Basin must partner with community-based organizations operating within the region and must show that the project benefits residents of the Basin.
  • These grants are not intended to support the commercial production of food.