Forest of Dean District Council Business Start-Up Grant

Forest of Dean District Council

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

Applications are now open for the Forest Of Dean District Council Business Start-Up Grant to recognise the enterprising spirit that exists within this unique part of the world and is keen to lend direct support to business during the Covid-19 crisis. The Council wishes to encourage a vibrant, low-carbon economy within the towns, business parks, industrial estates and surrounding villages in the Forest of Dean.


Your application must clearly demonstrate the following which will form the basis of the assessment criteria:

  • How your new business will deliver three or more of the six identified outcomes
  • How the success of your new business will be measured – in what manner the business will produce economic results for the Forest of Dean and how will this be measured by your organisation
  • Evidence that there is a need or demand for your new business or social enterprise – reference to consultation results, market research, project / business plan
  • The business’s lasting benefits to the local economy – what continuing benefits are likely to flow from the existence of the business
  • For projects that will run beyond an initial 12 months, how the organisation will ensure the sustainability of financial support
  • How your business is not solely reliant on public funding – the grant application budget should illustrate how you plan to raise additional financial support or support in-kind to complement any grant funding from the District Council
  • If your project is eligible for other funding, how the Business Start-Up Grant for the Forest of Dean will complement and add value to those other sources of funds

Funding Information

  • Any locally based business or constituted social enterprise organisation can apply individually or in partnership for a maximum of £1,000 per application.


  • New business or social enterprise registrations
  • Job creation
  • Demonstration of innovation including the design and delivery of new products/equipment/services
  • Demonstration of de-carbonisation activity, renewable energy use or the introduction of clean technologies
  • Occupation or creation of new commercial floorspace for business use
  • Increased footfall / visitor numbers/ visitor spend / turnover for individual business, town or village centre

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any locally based business or constituted social enterprise organisation can apply individually or in partnership.
  • There will be a maximum of £1,000 per application. Allocation will be agreed on projects at an appropriate scale and the ability to proceed to implementation stage. The fund is competitive so applications need to be realistic, deliver results and demonstrate value for money and local economic growth potential. The panel reserve the right to consider any applications being submitted for funding outside the maximum range.
  • Organisations can make more than one grant application, however only one application will receive approval subject to satisfactory appraisal.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate an element of match funding amounting to at least 50% of the project’s total cost to include cash and in kind elements.


  • Home-based businesses
  • Businesses who have been in receipt of +£5,000 local government, central government or European Funded grant aid within the last five years.