Funding available for Sports Projects

SBI Foundation

Relevent Country: India

SBI Foundation invites non-profit organisations registered in India for funding projects in the thematic area of Sports.

SBIF ACE is one of the flagship programs of SBI Foundation, aimed at supporting high-impact Sports projects to catalyse the development of athletes (including paraathletes) and enabling them to ‘ACE’ in key championships at national and international level.

SBIF ACE strives to provide holistic support to promising young athletes, Olympic medal prospects and para-athletes. SBIF ACE has undertaken key interventions in building state-of-the-art sports infrastructure, creating and nurturing strategic partnerships with the flag bearers of sporting excellence in India like ex-Olympians and sportspersons of international repute.

SBIF Ace levies a special focus on the importance of sports science and its effective utilisation for training and recovery. It will build upon the past efforts in the field of sports and leverage our existing and new partnerships to cultivate deeper and longterm collaborations, thus bringing about transformative change in India’s global sporting journey.

Funding Information

The budget for a proposal should be in the range of Rs.1.00 Rs. 4.50 Cr. for a support period ranging from 2 to 3 years.

Scope of Work

  • Thematic area: Sports
  • Preferred project locations: PAN India
  • Minimum number of Athletes/beneficiaries: 50 (At least 40% should be female athletes)
  • Athletes/beneficiaries composition:
  • 30% International Level Athletes
  • 40% National Level Athletes
  • 30 % State Level Athletes
  • Target Group: Athletes in the age group of 12–30 years of age
  • Framework of Projects under SBIF ACE
  • Talent Identification and Grassroot Development:
  • Develop and run a robust talent identification program to identify promising athletes
  • High-Quality Coaching and Technical Support:
  • Recruit and train qualified coaches with expertise in specific sports disciplines.
  • Provide continuous professional development opportunities to ensure coaches stay updated with the latest training methodologies and techniques.
  • Individualize coaching plans based on the unique needs and potential of each athlete.
  • Customized Equipment and Facilities
  • Provide athletes with access to high-quality sports equipment and sport science centres/facilities.
  • Ensure that customized equipment, such as adaptive sports equipment, is available for athletes with disabilities or specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Athlete Support Services:
  • Provide Nutrition and Diet Support
  • Provide Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine
  • Provide Mental Resilience and Psychological Support
  • Provide opportunities for participation in Competitions and Exposure visits at major events organised by private and government bodies.
  • Baseline and Endline study
  • The proposal to have a provision for a Baseline and Endline study from an independent agency.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Agency will be expected to have its own sports training facility/centre (including rented) with a team of experienced sporting staff, coaches etc. and a proven track record of providing sports coaching and other support to at least 75 athletes over the last 3 years.
  • The organisation will be expected to have a minimum experience of 3 years in executing sports projects with the following broad scope:
  • Providing Holistic support to athletes/para-athletes
  • Providing customised sports-specific coaching
  • Enabling access to Sports science and technology
  • Providing personalised consultations
  • Injury prevention & management support
  • Language of Proposal
  • Proposals should be submitted in English language only.

Selection Criteria

  • Project
  • Alignment with ‘SBIF ACE’ framework
  • Clear and concise detailing of the proposed solution, implementation plan and outcomes
  • Innovation in the project
  • Risk-mitigation measures
  • Comprehensiveness of the Log frame & Project timelines
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation Process
  • Project exit strategy & sustainability of the solution
  • Low admin & overhead cost
  • Experience
  • The NGO should have a minimum 3 years of existence as on date of the publication of this RFP.
  • The NGO should have a minimum of 3 years of over all work experience in the proposed thematic area and should have a presence in the proposed state.
  • The NGOs having demonstrated capability to improve measurable outcomes to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the intervention.
  • The Agency will be expected to have its own sports training facility/centre (including rented) with a team of experienced sport coaching staff and a proven track record of providing sports coaching to at least 75 athletes.
  • The NGO must have completed at least 3 assignments/projects of a similar nature funded by a Public sector/Govt. Organizations/Central/State government authority/ Foundations.
  • The Agency shall be rejected if:
  • Cumulative Annual revenue of the organisation for the last 3 years is less than Rs. 5.00 Crores
  • It has political or religious associations
  • Does not have the due diligence documents mentioned in Annexure II
  • The number of board members is less than 3
  • The number of permanent employees is less than 5
  • The individual donors are among the top 3 donors