Grant Program

Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation

Relevent Country: Switzerland

The Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation is currently inviting proposals for its grants to support projects in the Environment, Social Works and Culture sections throughout Switzerland.


  • Environment: In terms of promoting the environment, the Binding Foundation supports projects aimed at promoting biodiversity and enhancing high-quality landscape spaces. Furthermore, with the “Binding Prize for Biodiversity” they are working on a major operational project in the area of ​​brokerage of exemplary projects.
  • Social Works: As part of the promotion of social relations, the Binding Foundation is committed to social cohesion and equal opportunities in Switzerland. It has an eye for the integration of children and adolescents as well as for the strengthening of social participation and for exchanges between linguistic regions .
  • Culture: In promoting culture, the Binding Foundation endeavors to ensure the lasting conservation of architectural monuments. It also sponsors high-level artistic activity carried out on a professional basis in selected sectors of music, dance and visual arts. It also encourages the individual experience of artists’ work and creation as well as the architectural cultural heritage, and their enjoyment by a wide audience.

Project Types

  • Projects taking place outside Switzerland
  • Fundraising actions and general donation campaigns
  • Festivals, jubilees, open days
  • Conferences, seminars, congresses, series of events
  • Contributions for graduate / dissertation work, scholarships
  • Research basic and publications without concrete application potential
  • Websites, applications
  • Subsidies to publications
  • Exhibitions (except as part of their Binding Sélection d’Artistes promotion program)
  • Financial Aspects
  • Corporate costs and deficits (annual recurring costs)
  • Financing and posthumous loans
  • Economic projects (e.g. corporate foundations, investment grants, tourism)


  • Group Individuals, families, schools
  • Profit-oriented companies (SA, sagl, sole proprietorship)
  • Federal and cantonal authorities
  • Fundraising organizations (i.e. large organizations of public utility that every year invite a wide circle of people to participate in fundraising)