Grant Program

Lawrence Foundation

Relevent Country: United States of America

The Lawrence Foundation is seeking applications for its grant program.

The Lawrence Foundation is a private family foundation focused on making grants to support environmental, human services and other causes. The mission of The Lawrence Foundation is support organizations that are working to solve pressing environmental, human services and other issues.

Funding Information

  • Grants typically range between $5,000 – $10,000. In some limited cases they may make larger grants, but that is typically after they have gotten to know your organization over a period of time. They also generally don’t make multi-year grants, although they may fund the same organization on a year by year basis over a period of years.
  • General operating or program/project grant requests within their areas of interests are accepted.
  • In general, regardless of whether a grant request is for general operating or program/project expenses, all of their grants will be issued as unrestricted grants.

What they don’t typically fund?

  • The foundation does not make grants to individuals, international charitable organizations that are not qualified in the US or to for-profit businesses.
  •  The foundation does not typically make grants for the following purposes. Requests to fund the following purposes are likely to be denied:
  • Computers or software,
  • audio or video equipment,
  • Designing and producing videos, kiosks or promotional material,
  • Music programs or musical instruments,
  • Gardening programs or equipment,
  • Physical education programs or equipment,
  • recreational programs,
  • Theater arts or performance arts programs or equipment,
  • Hospice or old age home programs,
  • churches,
  • Religious, charter or magnet schools
  • Individuals for any purpose,
  • International organizations that do not have a qualified domestic 501(c)(3) representative,
  • Political lobbying activities or other political purposes,
  • Vote registration,
  • private foundations,
  • Dinners, balls, or other ticketed events,
  • Purposes outside of the foundation’s funding priorities as listed in the prior section.
  • Other than legal requirements, these lists are not absolute and may not always apply, but they provide some guidance about their interests.

Eligibility Criteria

The foundation makes grants to US based qualified charitable organizations. To date they have funded organizations that address the following areas of interest:

  • Environment (US headquartered organizations operating programs in the US or elsewhere in the world),
  • Human Services
  • Disaster relief (US headquartered organizations responding to disasters in the US or elsewhere in the world on an occasional basis),
  • Other (US headquartered organizations operating programs in the US or elsewhere in the world).
  • Nonprofit organizations that qualify for public charity status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or public schools and libraries are eligible for contributions or grants.
  • They are okay if a portion of any grant that they award is used for reasonable indirect costs.
  • Their foundation is based in Santa Monica, CA but has no geographical restrictions.