Grant Program

Vegan Society

Relevent Country: Brazil

The Vegan Society is accepting applications from individuals and grassroots organisations for the Vegan Society Grant Program.

It exists to support projects which will encourage non-vegans to go vegan and stay vegan.

Funding Information

  • A typical award is £1000.
  • Duration: All projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving the award.

Target Audience

  • Planning your project for a specific audience will increase your project’s chance of making an impact on the participants.
  • Projects or events that are aimed at a generic group of people, e.g. ‘residents of Leeds’ or ‘families’, are unlikely to be successful in their application as this indicates that the applicant has not considered their audience when planning their project.
  • Examples of a good target audience to plan your project around are ‘academics studying philosophy’, ‘people who follow Hinduism’, ‘parents of vegetarian children’ or ‘people who are passionate about their companion animals’.

Eligible Projects

They are looking for projects that:

  • Raise public awareness of veganism in a positive way
  • Promote veganism in a unique or exciting way to non-vegans
  • Support people from marginalised backgrounds to access veganism

Eligibility Criteria

  • The projects are based across the globe, with a particular emphasis on those based in economically developing countries.
  • They welcome applicants from long term members or from people who are new to their work, and no preferential treatment will be given based on this, although joining as a member is a great way to support their work.

You can apply if you are all:

  • A vegan
  • A non-profit organisation or individual with a non-profit project
  • Not a Vegan Society staff member or trustee