Grant Program

Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation

Relevent Country: India

The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation is currently accepting applications from local non-profit organizations.

As the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation they support entrepreneurial and income-generating initiatives in regions that currently do not have fair access to the global economic system. They work with local organizations that implement projects for positive change and economic independence in their communities.

Focus Areas

Value Chains

  • Growth as they have known it over the past few decades tends to exclude much of the population from the fruits of economic expansion. Thus, the challenge is to fashion growth into a more inclusive path.


  • All of our projects have one thing in common: they educate people in different ways and on different topics. The idea behind this: Those who have enjoyed a good education and/or training have higher chances of becoming entrepreneurs and generate their own income.


  • The Foundation recognises that advocating for a marginalised group or a particular issue is necessary in order to potentially rally for more support, funding or simply bring attention to an under-resourced issue.

Access to Finance

  • The term access to finance is often simultaneously used with the term financial inclusion and refers to the use of financial services by individuals and businesses. The most common organisations providing financial services are banks.

Cross Cutting Themes

Cross cutting areas are sectors and topics that they believe need to be addressed to holistically contribute to a more equitable world.

Gender: They support projects that work towards decreasing structural gender related inequalities.

Marginalised People: They work with projects that target groups of people that have historically been excluded from development initiatives such as indigenous groups or people with disabilities.

Innovation: Projects that are focusing on a pilot, or trying out new ideas are innovative. They aim to support trial processes and are willing to learn together with our partners.

Climate and Resource Management: They look for projects which contribute to the resilience of their communities to climate shocks and promote resource management in order to mitigate the ongoing global climate crisis.

Funding Information

  • Funding is available for amounts between 10.000€ – 50.000€ per calendar year.
  • The project duration is a maximum of three years.

The organisation’s own contributions should be:

  • In the first year, a minimum of 15%
  • In the second year, a minimum of 25%
  • In the third year, a minimum of 50%

Eligibility Criteria


  • The applicant organisation must be recognised as a charitable organisation, NPO or NGO in their respective country.
  • Ideally the organisations apply directly, without facilitating organisations as they prefer funding organisations directly to avoid double overheads.

Project Countries

  • Proposals from organisation with projects in the following countries will be considered: South Africa, Rwanda, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Peru and Madagascar.
  • The project countries are fixed and they are not flexible as they are linked to our own funders’ regional focus. So, if you are supporting target groups in other countries, please do not apply.


Applications will not be considered if:

  • it is not complete
  • the organisation does not reside in a project country
  • it does not speak to one of the focus areas
  • it contains discriminatory content


The main criteria here are:

  • Does the project speak to one of our focus areas?
  • Does the project seem feasible in the form presented?
  • Who is involved in the project? Behind every effective project there is always a strong organization. And both must fit together. That’s why they also take a close look at the implementing organization.