Grant Program

Digicel Foundation

Relevent Country: Jamaica

The Digicel Foundation’s Build Jamaica Grant Program is now open for applications.

The Community Development programme seeks to work with grassroots organisations to Build Jamaica Together, making real investments in real communities for development projects.


Education: Special emphasis will be given to the strengthening of science and information and communication technologies (ICTs) in response to the changing technological environment and also upgrades to early childhood institutions to meet the established standards.

Special Needs: Increasing the quality and quantity of facilities serving the special needs communities and increasing the awareness around special needs issues.

Entrepreneurship for Sustainability: Encouraging community self-reliance and empowerment through the implementation of sustainable projects that build life skills or generate income for community members.

Focus Areas

  • Improvements at educational institutions
  • ICT upgrades to community centres
  • Development of agriculture through farming groups
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship for sustainability
  • Upskilling and training at-risk youths for job-readiness
  • Other community-based activities

Funding Information

  • Grants of up to J$2 million.

Target Beneficiaries

Programmes identified by the period will target the following beneficiaries:

  • Quality education and ICT development for children, adolescents and youth at the early childhood and secondary school levels;
  • persons with special needs; and
  • youth and community members.


  • Individuals seeking assistance for personal reasons, this includes scholarships.
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are limited to members of one religious group.
  • Religious programmes.
  • Endowment funds, development campaigns, or funds directed towards deficit reduction or operating reserves.
  • Fundraising events or sponsorships (walk/run, golf tournaments, sports teams, tickets, tables, benefits, raffles, souvenir programmes, advertising, fundraising dinners, etc.).
  • Trips, conferences, seminars, festivals, one day events (unless they are a part of an approved programme activity).
  • Documentaries, videos or research projects/programmes, unless this can be shown to align with the Foundation’s funding objectives and criteria directly.
  • Trust Funds.
  • Organizations that channel the funds received to third parties.
  • Organizations formed to combat specific diseases &/or conduct medical research, health-related.