Grants for Supporting Syrian Independent Media


Relevent Country: Syria

The Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC) is pleased to announce the applications that aims to support programming to improve access for Syrians to unbiased, accurate, and locally relevant information as a means to empower citizens, promote accountability, and counter violent extremist narratives.

The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to advance the following U.S. Government policy priorities in Syria:

  • Ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS and al-Qaeda to counter violent extremism;
  • Support ceasefire agreements to reduce violence;
  • Expand humanitarian access and the delivery of humanitarian aid across Syria;
  • Promote long-term, locally led, and internationally supported approaches to transitional justice, accountability, and reconciliation; and,
  • Advance a political solution to the Syrian conflict under the auspices of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2254.


NEA/AC aims to advance these policy objectives by supporting the following assistance objectives:

  • Improve access for Syrians to unbiased, accurate, and locally relevant information, including through expansion of digital media delivery, to empower citizens, promote accountability, and counter violent extremist narratives;
  • Counter disinformation perpetuated by designated terrorist organizations and other malign actors through support for professional Syrian media outlets;
  • Improve Syrian media outlets’ capabilities to counter regime-affiliated disinformation efforts in Syria, and enhance the ability of Syrians to recognize disinformation;
  • Advance human rights and empower marginalized populations, including underserved or minority populations, returnees, and displaced persons, with a particular focus on women and youth, by expanding access to unbiased, professional reporting;
  • Address gender, and gender inclusion, as a cross-cutting strategic priority within the media landscape, and the intersectionality of gender as vital and necessary to achieving sustained economic growth and security;
  • Support coverage of the Syrian political process to facilitate transparency and enhance public understanding and citizens’ engagement;
  • Build journalistic production and management capacity, improve media ethics and standards, promote partner sustainability models and trainings, and expand the broadcast and online reach of independent media stations in Syria;
  • Increase the ability of independent journalists to operate safely and effectively in conflict and high-risk areas; and
  • Promote stability and counter disinformation within internally displaced person (IDP) camps, by providing access to independent media inside the camp as well as programming geared toward helping returnees integrate into their local communities.

Funding Information

  • Estimated Number of Awards: One (1)
  • Estimated Total Program Funding: $15,000,000
  • Estimated Base Year Award Ceiling: $5,000,000
  • Estimated Base Year Award Floor: $3,000,000
  • Estimated Length of Project Period: One to Three (1-3) Years
  • Eligible Countries and Territories 
  • In this announcement, we seek to support activities focused on Syria. The project should be implemented from a third country, with a strong justification for why that country was chosen. NEA/AC requires that applicants be in sound legal standing with appropriate government authorities in the country where the project will be managed at the time of award of this funding opportunity. Key overseas personnel must be co-located, while consideration should be taken for minimizing the need for expatriate and/or Third-Country National staff and operational costs. Award recipients will be required to maintain legal standing throughout the life of the award, including for any sub-grant made under its auspices. Please note: Applications that focus on activities for countries and territories other than those listed will NOT be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants include:

  • U.S. or foreign
  • Non-profit organizations;
  • For-profit organizations;
  • Private, public, or state institutions of higher education; and
  • Public international organizations