Grants to Community and Voluntary Organisations

Basildon Council

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

The Basildon Council is offering grants to voluntary and community groups based in the Basildon Borough.

Funding Information

  • The maximum amount you can apply for is £2,000.

What do they fund?

  • They do fund small projects organisations may want to do that benefit the local community.
  • They do fund contributions towards larger projects; however you MUST have ALL the rest of the funding in place to be successful (they will ask you to evidence this)
  • They do fund venue hire as long as it is part of the project you are delivering and not part of your annual core running costs.
  • They do fund publicity, leaflets, stationery, equipment and promotional materials etc., as long as they are part of the project you are applying for.
  • They do fund contributions towards improvements of community buildings, however you must demonstrate that you have ALL the rest of the funding in place.
  • They do fund digital equipment e.g. computers, laptops, tablets or phones, as long as there is clear evidence of need.
  • They do fund volunteer expenses for projects which demonstrate sustainability.

Who can apply?

You can apply to this fund if you are:

  • A formally constituted, not for profit community or voluntary group or registered charity.
  • A Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company. You will need to demonstrate the voluntary status of your organisation – this will be in your articles of association or constitution etc.
  • A community/voluntary group based in the Basildon Borough, which provides a direct benefit to the local community
  • You can be one of the above, based outside the Borough providing your project/activity is delivered within Basildon and is for the sole benefit of their residents.