Grants to raise Awareness of Rights and Services available to Ukrainian Children and Families

Council of Europe

Relevent Country: Ukraine

This call for proposals is launched in the framework of Council of Europe Project “Protecting the rights of Ukrainian children during and in post-war context”. It aims to co-fund national projects aimed at raising awareness and increasing capacities to implement the relevant Council of Europe standards to prevent and protect children from violence, including in the digital environment.

The current call for proposals aims to support the implementation of national initiatives by non-governmental organisations in Ukraine. Selected non-governmental organisations will implement educational activities and raise awareness regarding rights and support services available to Ukrainian children and families subject to trauma, including as a result of the war (Sexual abuse, war-related trauma, displacement, death, etc.), and provide targeted activities, relevant tools and instruments.


The grants will fund projects designed to raise awareness of rights and services available to Ukrainian children and families, in the context of the war of aggression initiated by the Russian Federation. The activities can target, but are not limited to, one or more of the following aspects: psychological support for children, reporting of crimes committed against children, especially child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA), including its risks, consequences and its extent and scope in Ukraine, promote child-friendly justice and child-friendly forensic interviewing standards Secondarily, activities should increase visibility and promote the Council of Europe’s efforts in Ukraine among various groups of professionals through different events, develop key messages and tools to be shared on media (including social media) and via other communication channels, professional platforms and networks, etc.

  • Further to the general objective, preference will be given to:
  • Projects/actions targeting different groups of professionals working with/for children;
  • Projects/actions presenting efficient models of multidisciplinary and interagency cooperation;
  • Projects/actions with concrete, practical results and measurable sustainability of the results;
  • Projects/actions incorporating gender mainstreaming;
  • Projects/actions furthering the practical application of Council of Europe standards.

Funding Information

  • The indicative available budget under this call for proposals is 1 200 000 UAH (one million two hundred Ukrainian hryvnia).
  • The Council of Europe intends to award 2 grants of a maximum amount of 600 000 UAH (six hundred Ukrainian hryvnia).
  • Implementation period
  • The implementation period of the projects should start on 1 November 2023 and shall not extend beyond 30 May 2024.


Projects may include the following activities:

  • Organisation of activities, promotions and events (for example, workshops, trainings, forums, seminars, interactive sessions, etc.);
  • Facilitating Counselling (psychological, legal) or reporting of infringement of rights.
  • Development and distribution of campaign materials;
  • Production of media content;
  • Implementation of awareness raising campaigns, development and distribution of information materials and media products;
  • Development of recommendations for professionals working with children;
  • Organisation of surveys for the target groups;
  • Conducting interviews;
  • Visibility actions.
  • All visibility materials produced within the grant will need to be consulted with and receive approval from the Council of Europe project team, prior to publishing or dissemination.
  • The activities proposed should be designed with cost-efficiency and outreach in mind, aiming to provide substantial support and information to the widest possible categories of target groups.

Target Stakeholders

Projects should target in particular the following key stakeholders:

  • Children
  • Parents and caregivers;
  • Educators (teachers, school psychologists, social pedagogues);
  • Law enforcement representatives (police, prosecutors, judges);
  • Legal professionals working with and for children (lawyers, advocates);
  • Non-legal professionals working with and for children;
  • Professional groups;
  • Media.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a grant, an applicant must:

  • be legally constituted as a non-governmental organisation in Ukraine;
  • be entitled to carry out in Ukraine activities described in its project proposal;
  • have been active for at least 3 years in the field of protection children from violence and/or sexual exploitation and sexual abuse including in the digital environment and/or other related fields, including experience of implementation of projects funded by international donors;
  • have sufficient financial capacity (stable and sufficient sources of funding) to maintain its activity throughout the period for which the grant is awarded and to contribute by way of its own resources the 20% of grant amount before the payment of the final instalment (including human resources or in-kind contributions);
  • have sufficient operational and professional capacity, including staff, to carry out activities described in its project proposal;
  • have a separate bank account in UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia) in the name of the applicant (organisation) dedicated for the grant implementation.
  • Multiple applications are not allowed and shall lead to the exclusion of all applications concerned.