Grass Roots Community Grants

CBH Group

Relevent Country: Australia

The CBH Group is seeking applications for its Grass Roots Community Grants to provide financial assistance to grain growing communities for projects which contribute to the health and vitality of their community.

Types of Projects they Fund

  • Community-related events
  • Small scale infrastructure projects

Funding Information

Community-related events:

  • Maximum funding limit: $5,000
  • Small scale infrastructure projects:
  • Maximum funding limit: $10,000

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are assessed on the following criteria
  • Located within a core grain growing community in WA
  • Fit with CBH’s purpose, values and behaviour
  • Contribute to the vitality, development, wellbeing and/or safety of grain growing regions
  • Promote a positive image of agricultural industry and as an employer
  • Have value, relevance and credibility to their growers, customers, CBH and/or its employees
  • Promote the development of future community and industry leaders
  • In order to meet the Community Investment Fund objectives, it is CBH’s policy not to fund the following
  • 100% of the costs of any project
  • Requests from individual persons
  • Fundraising events, or individual or team requests which are focused on fundraising for a third party
  • Indirect fundraising activities, i.e. charity golf days, signage, advertising
  • Public or private companies
  • Government entities cannot apply for funds for events
  • Religious purposes
  • Political groups, parties or donations
  • Events or projects which may encourage unsafe behaviour
  • Administration costs or activities requiring ongoing operating funds that create financial dependency of the CBH Group
  • Travel, accommodation, etc. for costs relating to groups to travel and participate in events.
  • Groups or events that do not directly benefit grain growing regions
  • Organisations in an existing Corporate Partnership with the CBH Group
  • Prize money
  • Projects or events related to gambling or gambling related activities
  • Projects or events that have commenced or been completed (i.e. events or projects cannot commence prior to the closing date or completion of the notification period)