Greater Harrisburg Community Foundation UPstream Grant Program

The Foundation for Enhancing Communities

Relevent Country: United States of America

Applicants are now invited to apply for the Greater Harrisburg Community Foundation (GHCF) UPstream Grant Program.

Funding Information

  • In 2022 up to $250,000 in grant funds will be available through GHCF UPstream.
  • GHCF UPstream seeks both large and small proposals.
  • The amount of funds sought should be reflective of the size of your project and the work to be accomplished.
  • Grant awards will range from $500 – $10,000.
  • The maximum grant for any proposal is $10,000.
  • Grants are awarded for one year.
  • This grant opportunity will not fund 100% of any project.

Funding Priorities

  • The Greater Harrisburg Community Foundation (GHCF) UPstream grant opportunity seeks to improve the area communities by supporting existing or new “upstream” systems, interventions, programs, or projects that attempt to create positive social change by addressing a problem at its source rather than managing its “downstream” symptoms.
  • This grant opportunity is open to singular or collective nonprofit organizations whose proposals will serve the GHCF service area of Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, and/or Perry Counties and the Dillsburg Area of Northern York County.
  • GHCF UPstream is available to organizations of all sizes, budgets, and reaches.
  • The number of grant awards will be dependent upon the quantity of qualified applicants and funds sought.

Focus Areas

  • Education: Early childhood education; education & development programs for children & youth; educational programs serving adults
  • Environment & Parks: Environmental stewardship; horticulture & the arts; health & environment; park beautification & improvement
  • Health & Wellness: Health & human services; programs and projects focusing upon: cancer awareness and/or research, dental care for those in need, HIV & AIDS, individuals with debilitating or terminal illness, Individuals with intellectual disabilities, prevention of head and/or spinal cord injury, purchasing of devices that improve accessibility
  • Homelessness & Hunger: Programs & projects addressing homelessness & hunger
  • Mental Health: Counseling for children with terminally ill family members; guidance, counseling, or programming that includes guidance and/or counseling for youths; programs and projects that address mental health
  • Seniors: Programs & projects serving older adults
  • Communities of Focus: Programs and projects that benefit residents of Millersburg, a borough of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Disaster relief & human services that serve the communities of Lebanon City, PA, and Cressona, PA. Projects to enhance Camp Hill Borough parks provided by youth organizations such as Scout programs or other youth organizations; programs & projects that focus upon or nurture access to early childhood education within Camp Hill.

Please note: each community of focus is supported by special funds and parameters established by caring community members and is specific to the respective community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible projects must serve individuals, groups, and/or locations within Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, and Perry Counties, and/or the Dillsburg Area of Northern York County.
  • Applicants must either be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a nonprofit organization as recognized by the IRS as such, or have a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization act as a fiscal sponsor for the proposed project.
  • Applications from faith-based organizations for programs or projects that serve all members of the community as applicable to the project and do not require participation in religious activity for receipt of services are eligible.