Green Business Grants Program

West of England Growth Hub
Last date: 
Friday, June 25, 2021
United Kingdom

Detailed Description

West of England Growth Hud is inviting applications for its Green Business Grants to support SMEs to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and business operations. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can save businesses money on energy bills.

Green Business Grants are funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.

Funding Information

  • There is a total grant pot of £1.7m. The West of England Combined Authority has already allocated over £200,000 Green Business Grants to 23 SMEs, with an average grant award of £8,000. This will save each business an annual average of 8 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and £1,590 from their energy bills.
  • Grants up to £15,000 will be made available to small & medium sized enterprises in the West of England to pay for 50-80% of eligible costs, depending on your business’ size, location and project.

What’s the money used for?

In the first round of grants, they helped local businesses install:

  • LED lighting and better lighting controls,
  • solar film to reduce overheating and air con use in summer,
  • more efficient heating and better controls,
  • insulation to walls and roofs, and
  • air compressors and variable speed drives to improve the efficiency of manufacturing and processing equipment.

How will a Green Business Grant help my business?

Green Business Grants can be used for capital works and purchases to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and business operations. Potential projects include LED lighting, air source heat pumps, solar thermal, wall and roof insulation, variable speed drives, air compressors, induction cooking and solar PV. A grant could help you:

  • avoid harmful emissions that contribute to climate change,
  • reduce your energy bills and lower maintenance costs,
  • make your buildings healthier for your employees,
  • improve your green credentials with customers and contractors,
  • access cutting edge low carbon technologies, and
  • actively support the local supply chain for energy efficiency goods and services.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a grant you must be:

  • a small & medium sized enterprise – with fewer than 250 employees AND a turnover of equal to or less than €50m OR a balance sheet of equal to or less than €43m (including any partnership your organisation is a part of or any linked enterprises),
  • based in the West of England region – located in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire local authority area.
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