Hand Heart Pocket accepting Applications for Significant and Flagship Grant 2020-21 (Round 1)

Hand Heart Pocket
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Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Papua New Guinea

Detailed Description

Hand Heart Pocket is currently accepting Applications for the Significant and Flagship Grant Round 1 for the 2020-21.

Hand Heart Pocket’s primary philanthropic focus for at least the next three years is to help improve outcomes for youth at risk. As a result, the majority of their Significant and Flagship grant-funding will be committed to supporting programs and initiatives that provide a holistic and strength-based approach, which is backed by evidence, to engage young people at risk to have hope for their own futures and help them to:

  • Find a stable home;
  • Build a support network;
  • Contribute to the community;
  • Seek help when needed;
  • Gain an education and skills for the future;
  • Find stable paid or volunteer work.

Focus Areas

In addition to their focus on youth at risk, Hand Heart Pocket’s current Strategy 2018-2024 also incorporates a smaller portion of grant funding for initiatives that support the following:

  • Men’s mental and physical health – this encompasses any initiatives that support males with their physical and/or mental health or helps males who are homeless or who are at risk of homelessness, including those with a disability. It also includes preventative initiatives that encourage males to have positive mental and physical health.
  • Women’s financial and physical security – this encompasses any initiatives that support females financial or physical security such as domestic violence prevention or that supports females who are homeless or who are at risk of homelessness, including those with a disability.
  • Ageing population – this includes any initiative that supports positive ageing, the health needs of the aged or that assists with meeting the challenges of an ageing population.

Grant-funding is provided through two grant rounds per year to registered charitable organisations or businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems that operate in either Queensland or in Papua New Guinea and who can demonstrate that their programs and initiatives are able to assist Hand Heart Pocket to make progress against its ‘Theory of Change’ to improve outcomes for youth at risk, or are in support of Hand Heart Pocket’s current strategy.

Funding Information

Grants are classified as either Significant Grants (up to $500k) or Flagship Grants (over $500k).

Eligibility Criteria

As an organisation operating in Papua New Guinea, to be considered for a grant from Hand Heart Pocket you must:

  • Have charitable entity status, be registered with the Investment Promotion Authority;
  • Provide a copy of the organisation’s formal constitution;
  • The constitution must include charitable clauses dealing with funds solely for social purpose, member distributions and a winding-up clause.

Hand Heart Pocket is unable to consider grants for the following:

  • Projects outside of Queensland or Papua New Guinea;
  • Applications submitted on your behalf by an auspice organisation;
  • Retrospective or deficit funding;
  • General fundraising appeals;
  • Promotion of religion;
  • Political organisations;
  • Direct grants to individuals, including travel expenses, personal study or attendance at conferences;
  • Charities directly supporting animals, unless the animals provide assistance for people with a disability (e.g. registered assistance dogs).

Source: https://handheartpocket.org.au/about/who-do-we-help/

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