Higher Education In Turkey ‘Human Rights Education’ (UAV) Research Grant

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Detailed Description

Research of UAV call in Higher Education in Turkey, Human Rights in Higher Education in Turkey aims to support the research and literature related to education.

Education and human rights education (HRE) are key to many human rights. The United Nations definition of human rights education stipulates that human rights education has both an intrinsic and instrumental value as a preventive tool, an empowering process and a transformation tool. International literature suggests that human rights education plays a critical role in conflict resolution, achieving sustainable peace, internalizing social justice, developing development policies and empowering disadvantaged groups.

Human rights education is defined as the development of knowledge on human rights through pedagogical methods and techniques in line with human rights principles and values, and the promotion of human rights, including enjoying and exercising and respecting the rights of individuals. HRE traditionally taught international human rights norms; addressing issues content and pedagogically with a human rights perspective and values ??(eg participatory, inclusive, free expression of opinions, etc.); It is understood that those who receive human rights education include adapting what they have learned in this process to their professional skills related to their field of application and adopting an attitude based on human rights values ??in the performance of their profession.

Human rights education in higher education is also important, as it can contribute to the training of young people who can have a chance to influence the society by doing their profession based on human rights and democratic culture, in the establishment of higher education and specialization in different fields, and therefore in the establishment of the culture and functioning of the democratic society.

Human rights have a multidisciplinary feature in terms of their conceptual and application areas, so they are included in many different fields of the academy as content, methodology and pedagogy. In this sense, human rights are not only the subject of law faculties or political science in higher education, but also a part of the curriculum and educational programs of many different academic disciplines, from health sciences to engineering, environmental sciences to sports, as a theme, perspective and methodology. Such an approach to HRE, including gender equality, is also referred to as the mainstreaming of human rights education.

Funding Information

A maximum of 15,000 TL for research and a maximum of 4,000 TL for articles will be given.

Research of UAV call in Higher Education in Turkey, Human Rights in Higher Education in Turkey aims to support the research and literature related to education. In this context, research proposals and articles on the following topics will be supported

  • Analysis of the general situation of Human Rights education and research in Higher Education
  • Different dimensions of inclusive education in higher education (content, acquisitions, teaching and learning methods and techniques, measurement and evaluation techniques, etc.)
  • Higher education and discrimination
  • Rights-based approaches in courses and programs in higher education in the fields of women, disabled, children, elderly and refugees

Source: http://www.rwistanbul.org/duyurular.php?id=22

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