Historic Preservation Grants

Daughters of the American Revolution

Relevent Country: United States of America

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is accepting applications for its Historic Preservation Grants program.

In tens of thousands of locations around the world, they have saved historic properties, erected historic markers, digitized documents and helped to preserve the American story in thousands of meaningful ways.

The DAR Historic Preservation Grants provide financial assistance for projects that preserve historic resources, sites and other history-related projects. Examples include restoration of historic buildings; digitization or preservation of documents/records; preservation of historical items/artifacts; erection of new or rededication/relocation of existing historical markers; cemetery headstone and monument conservation, etc.

Funding Information

  • They’re proud to also provide $250,000 in grants annually to support historic preservation efforts in local communities.
  • The maximum grant award is $10,000; smaller projects are encouraged.

Eligible Projects

  • Projects considered for grants must support the DAR mission area of historic preservation, and successful applicants must agree to publicly recognize DAR’s contribution. In order to benefit posterity, secure recognition for DAR and produce lasting value from the grants, please note these important guiding principles:
  • Projects related to all chapters of American history will be considered; however, preference will be given to those projects that relate to the Colonial-through-the-Federal periods.
  • In order to assure ultimate completion of the project, all other funding (beyond that requested via this grant) must be already firmly secured. Projects should be tangible and long-lived, with lasting historic preservation benefit. Examples of projects considered for funding include restoration of historic buildings, digitization or preservation of historic documents, preservation of historic items, erection of new or rededication or relocation of existing historical sites’ markers, and cemetery headstone and monument conservation. Projects should be tangible and long-lived, with lasting historic preservation benefit. Therefore, ineligible requests include administrative or operating expenses (e.g. rent, salaries, benefits, utilities, printing); surveys; permits; travel (e.g. mileage, lodging, meals, site rental); food/beverage; vehicles; fundraising; conferences; reenactments, performances; trips, camps, workshops; political activities; construction of new facilities, and creation of displays or exhibits.
  • Recipients awarded a DAR Historic Preservation Grant during one administration must wait until the next DAR administration (e.g., July 2025–June 2028) before applying for an additional grant for another project or a different phase of the same project.
  • DAR Chapters and State Societies are eligible to apply for grants associated with properties/sites that are owned or operated by the DAR entity and included in the NSDAR Historic Sites database; no more than 20 percent of grants will be awarded to DAR Chapters or State Societies in a given cycle. Funding will not be approved for State Regent Projects for digitizing Chapter records, or for other lineage societies projects.

Source: https://www.dar.org/national-society/dar-historic-preservation-grants