Historic Preservation Grants Program

Ellensburg City Council

Relevent Country: United States of America

The Ellensburg City Council is seeking applications for the Historic Preservation Grants Program.


  • Foster public initiative and participation in maintaining National, State, and Ellensburg registers of historic places.
  • Provide assistance for renovation and rehabilitation of historic properties within the City of Ellensburg.
  • Develop programs to create incentives for historic preservation and provide outreach thru education and information programs.
  • Provide assistance to avoid demolition of historic properties.

Types of Projects

Based upon an analysis of the LDC’s purposes as set forth in the Code and in the Comprehensive Plan goals, policies and programs, the grant program will focus on projects in the goal areas listed above. Specific examples of the types of projects are as follows:

  • Construction projects aimed at preserving, rehabilitating, or restoring the exterior character-defining features of structures designated as historic (or located within an historic district), or aimed at maintaining the structural integrity of a historic structure.
  • Restoration of historic murals located on structures listed on the Ellensburg Landmarks Register (or located within an Ellensburg Landmarks historic district).
  • Ellensburg Landmarks Register Historic structures or properties within Ellensburg Landmarks Register Historic districts.
  • Conduct surveys of historic properties to identify properties or districts with potential for listing on the Ellensburg Landmarks Register.
  • Support installation of interpretive signs
  • Move endangered register-eligible properties

Funding Information

  • Amount: $17,591

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Applicants: Owners of historic buildings, non-profit organizations, civic groups, neighborhood groups. Partnerships among individuals and/or groups will also be considered.

Eligible Sites: Non-governmental properties within the City limits. Brick and mortar projects will only be awarded to properties that are currently listed as an individual landmark, or which are within the boundaries of an Ellensburg Landmarks District, or National Register District. Other sites within the City of Ellensburg may be considered if the purpose of the grant is to survey a property seeking historic designation.


Eligible Expenses: Personnel, professional services, supplies and materials, construction costs, lodging and mileage.

Match: Matching funds are encouraged but not required for this program. If applications score similarly, preference may be given to a project proposing matching funds.

  • The following items count as matching funds: cash, volunteer hours, and donated materials, equipment use, or professional services.
  • Donated professional Services will be valued at the “reasonable and customary” rate. The applicant may NOT use City Staff time as a match. Any anticipated work performed by City employees of the project must be included in the total funding being requested.

Source: https://ci.ellensburg.wa.us/1131/Grant-Opportunities