Improving Monitoring and Evaluation of Gender Based Violence

HIF Call for Innovators
Last date: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
United States

Detailed Description

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) is currently seeking applications from eligible
organisations for its program entitled “Improving Monitoring and
Evaluation of Gender Based Violence (GBV)” with an aim to investigate approaches and efforts
to best address the significant remaining challenges in this area and
stimulate tangible innovations.

Although there can be no single ‘innovation’ to address the diversity of challenges around this issue
completely or immediately, approaching problems from the perspective of
innovation offers the potential to break down complex issues into
actionable challenges, to find new ways to tackle problems, and use new
ideas, technologies and relationships to drive solutions.

Innovation Challenges

Grants are available for the following GBV innovation challenge:

  • Measure the Impact of GBV Programmes: proposals
    to evaluate the impact and quality of existing or new GBV programmes by
    developing and implementing different assessment processes and tools,
    and identifying and monitoring relevant metrics.
  • Develop Real-Time Monitoring Tools: proposals to
    develop tools that easily integrate into the humanitarian system and
    enable the real-time collection of GBV data during an emergency. The
    data collected should be reliable and support GBV decision-making and
    the design of GBV programmes.

Funding Information

The GBV initiative will support organisations with up to £50,000 to explore a bright idea that has the
potential to improve monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of GBV in humanitarian contexts.

Selection Criteria

  • Impact
  • Approach
  • Feasibility
  • Team

Eligibility Criteria

  • Lead applicants can be a:
    • Non-profit institution such as a non-governmental organisation
    • Public or governmental institution
    • Academic or research institution
    • Private companies. NOTE: Private companies must be partnered with one of the above.
  • The Lead applicant must:
    • Have legal status and be registered in the country(s) in which the project will be carried out.
    • Not act as an intermediary but the directly responsible for the
      preparation, management and implementation of the project proposed.
    • Present signed audited financial statements and reports from the past three years.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online via given website.

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