Inclusive Education across Borders- Research projects oriented towards practice and policy

NordForsk Call for Proposals
Last date: 
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Detailed Description

The Academy of Finland, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO), the Research Council of Norway, the Swedish Research Council, and NordForsk are issuing this call to strengthen research cooperation by funding joint research projects in the field of education.

The objective of this call is to broadly
explore the many and various research questions related to inclusive
education with a focus as described below. This is a highly topical
theme which calls for approaches from a variety of perspectives and
educational science disciplines, and which will facilitate, encourage
and require multidisciplinary research. By bringing together excellent
scholars and research-oriented practitioners from the participating
countries, the joint research projects will stimulate innovative
research in transnational cooperation with benefits for policy and
practice in the field, and promote international collaboration in the
research field of inclusive education.

Research proposals
should focus on inclusion in primary and pre-primary education.
Pre-primary education (International Standard Classification of
Education level 0 [ISCED 0]) is defined as the initial stage of
organised instruction, designed primarily to introduce very young children to a school-type environment,
that is, to provide a bridge between home and a school-based
atmosphere. ISCED level 0 programmes should be centre or school-based,
be designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of children
of at least three years of age, and have staff that are adequately
trained (i.e., qualified) to provide an educational programme for
children (OECD, 2002, p. 372).

Funds Available

The total funding requested per proposal
must be at least EUR 500 000 and must not exceed EUR 750 000 across all
participating partners. The funding available for this transnational
call is EUR 2.25 million and the aim is to fund a minimum of three
projects, subject to quality.

Project duration

Applicants should apply for funding for 36 months, from 1 January .2018 to 31 December 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scheme is open to researchers based at universities, university
    colleges, universities of applied sciences and research institutes in
    collaboration with research-oriented practitioners in educational
    institutions in The Netherlands and at least two subscribing Nordic
    countries. Researchers based at institutions located in Finland, Denmark, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden
    are eligible to apply for funding, irrespective of their nationality.
    Multiple universities, university colleges, universities of applied
    sciences and research institutes from one country can participate in the
    same project.
  • Researchers and practitioners based outside Finland, Denmark,
    Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden are invited to participate
    in the project as co-applicants (irrespective of nationality) at their
    own expense (see “Eligible costs”).
  • Projects must involve collaboration between eligible researchers
    with adequate expertise to carry out educational research together with
    research-oriented practitioners within the specified theme
    (practitioners are part of the consortium, but for administrative
    reasons are not dealt with as applicants).
  • Each research project must consist of three or more national
    research teams (of which one must be Dutch). These national teams must
    consist of researchers and research-oriented practitioners in each
    participating country. Also,
    • there must be one Project Leader (main applicant) to oversee the project as a whole, and
    • each national team must have an identified researcher as a Team
      Leader. (Please note that the project leader can also be one of the team
  • All participating universities, university colleges, universities of
    applied sciences and research institutes are requested to send a Letter
    of Commitment stating the contribution in cash or in kind from the
    institution, which is also to be specified in the budget
    in the application form (see below). The Letter of Commitment must be
    signed by a person authorised to take on financial commitments on behalf
    of the institution for the entire duration of the project.
  • Individual researchers and practitioner institutions can only
    participate in one proposal under this call. However, universities,
    university colleges, universities of applied sciences and research
    institutes can be affiliated with more than one application.
  • A balanced division of labour and budget among the national teams of relevance to the project plan is recommended.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must apply using NordForsk application portal via given website.

Note: The applicants from The Netherlands must comply with the eligibility procedures set out
by NRO. Any queries regarding eligibility funding rules should be
directed to NRO. The funding agencies reserve the right to reject
applications in which any of the applicants fail to comply with the
relevant eligibility criteria.

Eligible Countries: Finland, Denmark, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden

For more information, please visit NordForsk Call for Proposals.

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