Indigenous Writers in Residence 2023

Cultural Survival

Relevent Country: Canada

Cultural Survival is pleased to announce a call for applications for Indigenous Writers in Residence 2023 based on Turtle Island (United States and Canada).
The Indigenous Writers in Residence Program is a meaningful opportunity for journalists and creatives to partner with Cultural Survival to continue their writing, share their expertise and experiences, deepen their knowledge on topics important to them and their communities, and gain experience being published on their website and in the award-winning Cultural Survival Quarterly magazine.

  • Areas of work experience: experience in writing about issues affecting Indigenous communities, including stories rooted in Indigenous cultures, traditions, and resilience. Experience in topics related to human rights, environment, land defense, languages and cultures, climate change solutions, land and livelihoods, women and youth, and 2SLGBTQIA+ rights from an Indigenous perspective.
  • Land and Livelihoods: The ability of Indigenous Peoples to maintain their traditional livelihoods and economies, harvest foods, fish, hunt, keep bees, herd animals, and gather materials for housing, crafts, clothing, and ceremony are all dependent on uninterrupted access to their land.
  • Climate Change Solutions: Indigenous communities are critical in reversing the climate crisis. Areas titled Indigenous communities have been shown to store 36% more carbon per hectare than public conservation land. Indigenous Peoples have long been viewed as victims of the effects of climate change, but in reality, they are agents of climate solutions and environmental conservation.


  • Annual stipend of 12,000 USD per Indigenous writer.
  • Writers will receive a monthly stipend upon receiving articles for publication.


  • Draft one to two articles a month of 2,000 -3,000 words per article on issues relevant to Indigenous Peoples.
  • Include 3-5 photos per article taken personally or sourced by a third party depending on the topic of the article coverage.
  • Participate in Communications team meetings when needed.
  • Work collaboratively with the Communications Manager in defining the topics of articles.


  • Superb reading, writing, research, and analytical skills
  • Great interpersonal and outstanding communication skills, especially across distinct cultures and contexts.
  • Effective time-management skills.
  • Able to work independently, under limited supervision and able to present ideas to improve their program and execution of their responsibilities
  • Demonstrated success in developing a work plan and meeting deadlines.


  • A minimum of three years experience in writing articles, conducting interviews, and drafting publications on topics relevant to Indigenous Peoples.
  • Lived experience working with Indigenous Peoples in the media sphere is preferred, or alternatively, experience in a human rights or similar advocacy organization.
  • Priority will be given to Indigenous marginalized genders, including 2SLGBTQIA+ folks.
  • Full fluency in both English and Spanish is preferred but not required.
  • Access to a home office-based setting with consistent and reliable internet.