Inspire the Future Small Grant Program

SEEing Youth

Relevent Country: Cyprus

SEEing Youth Team invites Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in the fields of human rights and environment and companies that want to support social responsibility projects to participate in the Inspire the Future (GİV) Small Grant Programme.
This program aims to empower young people in social responsibility projects and bring solutions to social problems in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, while also hoping to build a bridge with the private sector in these areas.

GİV Small Grant Program is your gateway to creating a meaningful impact on society. They invite you to join them on a journey of social change, participation and capacity building. Thanks to this program, you can actively participate in creating a more fair, equitable and sustainable future. Empower yourself to be a catalyst for change, gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a leader, and become part of an inspiring network of like-minded young leaders. Together, with each project, they will build a better world.

Objectives and Results of the Grant Program
  • The Small Grant Program aims to ensure the active participation of young people in civil society while promoting corporate social responsibility by strengthening civil society and private sector cooperation, creating networks for sustainable partnerships for future collaborations.
  • The program is designed to mobilize young people aged 18-30 to actively participate in creating social change through project development and implementation.
  • The program aims to promote the dissemination of human rights-based principles, non-discrimination, gender equality, and the inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups in youth initiatives.
  • To support and empower young people to become socially conscious, confident and active citizens who can apply their ideas to create positive change.
  • Raising awareness and creating social change among young people on basic human rights and responsibilities, active citizenship, environment and climate change, social inclusion and youth participation, democratic governance, elimination of inequalities and discrimination, strengthening gender equality, including LGBTQI+;
  • Strengthening the participation of young people in policy and decision-making processes through organizing under thematic and general youth assemblies, committees and lobbying activities;
  • Young people’s concerns about environment/climate change, anti-discrimination, youth participation, basic human rights, etc. To support them in creating direct change in their communities on issues.
Funding Information
  • You will be given support of a minimum of 3,000 and a maximum of 4,000 Euros to implement your project within a period of three to five months, together with the NGO of your choice and a Company that matches your project to support your idea.
  • Expected Results from the Small Grant Program
  • Increased awareness, knowledge and action among young people regarding the priorities of the program;
  • Mobilization of young people and increasing their social skills and self-confidence;
  • Increased cooperation between NGOs and the private sector;
  • Encouraging corporate social responsibility projects.
  • Duties Expected from NGOs
  • NGOs will support young applicants for the GİV Small Grant Program in designing their projects. They will provide mentoring on the effective implementation and dissemination of grant-winning projects.
Responsibilities of Companies
  • In the “Inspire the Future” program, companies are expected to support young people’s social responsibility projects. Companies will provide support to the project free of charge through the company network and services; however, it is not expected to provide any financial support. Supporting companies are not allowed to place products for advertising purposes during any implementation process of the projects.