Interactive Media Work Grants

Pro Helvetia

Relevent Country: Switzerland

Pro Helvetia has launched the applications for its Interactive Media Work Grants to support the creation of new projects characterised by their originality, formal and design quality, feasibility and a high degree of innovation, potential marketability and digital distribution.

The eligible projects are independent interactive works for computers, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, virtual reality glasses or similar platforms. They must hold a high degree of interaction, meaning that the action of the user must have a major impact on the unfolding of the content.

Pro Helvetia’s Interactive Media Work Grants are aimed at emerging talents: Swiss developers who founded their studios or graduated less than seven years ago. Pro Helvetia’s goal is to support outstanding projects and to enable them to gain an international audience.


The Work Grants are available for three phases in a project’s evolution, from concept to market launch:

  • Pre-production funding
  • Production funding
  • Post-production funding

Funding Information

  • Pre-production funding: CHF 20,000
  • Production funding: up to CHF 50,000
  • Post-production funding: CHF 20,000


Applicants (developers or studios) must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Funding measures are aimed at applicants who are either Swiss citizens or have permanent residence in Switzerland.
  • Applicants may submit projects up to seven years after graduation or within the first seven years after establishing a studio under legal form
  • The project is carried out according to professional standards.
  • Project contents are based on an independent concept — applicants may also apply for funding to continue or further develop a realised and distributed project.
  • The project is highly innovative in creative and technological terms.

Additional conditions for production and post-production funding:

  • The project must be submitted by a legal entity (examples: public limited company (AG), limited liability company (GmbH))
  • Sole proprietorships are also admissible provided the intention of converting them into a legal entity is stated in written form.
  • The applicant must hold copyright and the rights of use.
  • For production category: Written proof of own funds or third-party financing, or that money is available for payment (loan available for drawing) and that the funds will be used for the production phase. Such proof can be a signed agreement or an up-to-date statement of account and a signed document guaranteeing that the applicant will invest the amount in question in the production of content.