International Renaissance Foundation announces Digital Integration into EU Competition

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Detailed Description

The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has announced the Digital Integration into the EU Competition to strengthen the role, voice, and capacity of civil society in the implementation of European norms, approaches, and practices of digital development regulation in Ukraine, to implement the Association Agreement with the EU.

This competition is aimed at supporting public initiatives to promote the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with EU law and Ukraine’s integration into the EU in the digital sphere.

The purpose

  • to strengthen the role, voice, and capacity of civil society in the implementation of European norms, approaches, and practices of digital development regulation in Ukraine, to implement the Association Agreement with the EU.

Funding Information

  • The minimum grant amount is UAH 100,000.
  • The maximum grant amount is UAH 900,000.
  • The optimal size of the grant is UAH 500,000-600,000.
  • The total budget for the competition is UAH 2,600,000.

Competition Priorities

Competitive projects may include informational, educational, and public advocacy activities, preparation of analytical documents, organization of stakeholder dialogues, public discussions, etc. in the following areas:

  • Monitoring and advocacy for the implementation of the (updated) Annex XVII-3 on telecommunications services and other relevant provisions of the Association Agreement relating to e-commerce, information society, and digital development, with emphasis on harmonization of legislation and implementation of institutional changes;
  • Analysis of public policy challenges and public discussion with the involvement of stakeholders to find optimal ways of deeper integration of Ukraine into the EU Digital Single Market, development of proposals for updating the Association Agreement in the digital sphere;
  • Public and expert support for the promotion of an agreement with the EU on the mutual recognition of electronic trust services, which will ensure the natural and legal persons of the Parties mutual recognition of their electronic means of identification;
  • Raising awareness of the success stories of Ukraine’s participation in EU digital innovation programs and advocating for greater use of these opportunities;
  • Promoting European practices of transparency of political advertising on the Internet, responding to threats of using digital technologies to interfere in political processes and public opinion.

Contest participants


  • public organizations, unions, associations, societies, and other associations registered in accordance with Ukrainian legislation as non-profit or charitable organizations.


  • The objectives and expected results of the project must correspond to the priorities of the competition;
  • The content of the project proposal should contain a brief preliminary analysis of the problem, which indicates the applicant’s awareness of the project, the positions of authorities and interest groups, the current state of discussion in Ukraine and the EU;
  • The maximum project implementation period is 12 months. The planned start date of project implementation is December 2020 / January 2021.


Criteria for selection of competition winners:

  • Substantial compliance of the project proposal with the priorities of the competition, awareness of the subject of the project proposal, convincing preliminary analysis of the problem;
  • Logical construction of the project (clear and realistic action plan; the level of involvement of partners; the realism of achieving the expected results with the help of the activities proposed in the project);
  • Performance (expected practical results at the exit, the impact of the project on target audiences; the availability of objective indicators, monitoring, and evaluation of performance);
  • Organizational and financial capacity of the organization and partner organizations (availability of expertise, previous experience on the project; availability of staff and necessary material resources (premises, equipment, etc.) required for project implementation; experience of successful project implementation and reporting; availability of other stable sources of funding organizations);
  • Adequacy of the budget, its compliance with the content of the project, and the conditions of the competition.

Additional priority will be given to those project proposals that will provide for broad partnerships – involvement in the implementation of other relevant organizations, the development of intersectoral cooperation, the involvement of foreign partners from EU countries.

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