inviting Civil Society Organizations

UN Women

Relevent Country: Serbia

UN Women Office in Serbia is inviting civil society organizations (CSOs) registered in Serbia, that have gender equality, women’s rights and/or antidiscrimination set as one of the organization’s goals in Statute and have specialized knowledge, expertise and track record of working on gender equality and/or empowering women, especially vulnerable groups of women to submit project proposals.

This Call is launched to support active engagement of women to influence development, implementation and monitoring of gender sensitive policies and programmes under the EU funded project “Support to Priority Actions to Gender Equality in Serbia, phase II“.

Women’s civil society organizations will be supported to implement the initiatives around gender equality and women empowerment with the focus on improving the active involvement of women in policy development, raising awareness on gender equality issues, reduce stereotypes and increase women’s participation in the labour market. Particular emphasis will be placed on vulnerable groups of women. Through granting mechanism, the project will support women’s civil society organisations in different priority areas.


Under this Call for Proposals, women’s CSOs will be supported to implement measures contributing to the following specific objective:

  • To support development of gender sensitive policies and programmes through empowering women to actively participate in decision-making and creation of evidence based reports and recommendations as a tool for advocacy measures towards authorities.

Present Call for Proposals will target the following Priority Area: supporting active engagement of women and women’s CSO in identifying main issues and priorities related to gender equality and developing watchdog reports, influencing the development, implementation and monitoring of gender related programmes and policies at national and local level and supporting improvement of the position of women in local communities.

Non-exhaustive list of Types of Activities

Non-exhaustive list of types of activity which Responsible Party should undertake under this CfP are:

  • Empowering women and women’s CSO to take active participation in development and implementation of policies and programmes and boost their socio-economic resilience by, among other things.
  • Development of report(s)/documents analysing specific issue(s) of relevance for achieving gender equality in public policy area(s) with evidence-based recommendations and policy proposals for improvements.
  • Increase visibility and awareness in local communities on identified challenges and policy initiatives and advocacy activities among authorities.
  • Raising awareness on implemented measures and actions (e.g. using traditional and social media, as well as different innovative ways of communication to widely disseminate key messages tailored to targeted audiences).

Funding Information

The budget range for this proposal should be 25,000 – 30,000 EUR.

Duration: The proposals are expected to cover a period of maximum 12 months (i.e. from January 2023 until maximum January 2024).


The National Strategy identifies as one of the key challenges:

  • Lack of recognition and acknowledgement of different needs and problems faced by women and men, especially vulnerable groups, and monitoring data and indicators on this,
  • Incomplete and inconsistent integration of needs of persons belonging to vulnerable groups in public policies and measures contributing to their inclusion in areas of importance for achieving gender equality,
  • Lack of implementation instruments and the coordination of activities in gender equality as multi-sectoral area,
  • Not sufficiently engaged and utilised CSO and academia potentials in the creation and implementation of public policies and budgets in the area of gender equality.


  • Technical/functional competencies required
  • Experience in promoting gender equality and/or working on empowering women and women’s CSO to take active participation in decision making in different spheres of public life (labour market, education etc.).
  • Proven experience in management of projects related to empowerment of women and/or gender equality.
  • Language: Serbian; knowledge of English.
  • Other competencies, which while not required, can be an asset for the performance of services
  • Good knowledge of gender equality and women’s rights issues, as well as needs of vulnerable and multi-discriminated groups of women.
  • Knowledge on Serbian legal, strategic and institutional framework related to gender equality.
  • Previous experience working with United Nations