Iraq Direct Aid Program

Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs And Trades

Relevent Country: Iraq

The Australian Government is pleased to announce the Iraq Direct Aid Program 2022-2023, a competitive small grants program available to local organizations eligible to undertake development activities on a not-for-profit basis.

Focus Areas

They will favourably consider projects which address one or more of the following:

  • Address and promote environmental protection
  • Empower women and girls
  • Provide or advocate for psychosocial and other disability support services

Funding Information

There is no minimum amount that a single DAP project can receive but the maximum is AUD 40,000 over the life of the project. Projects must be fully implemented within a maximum of two years. Proposals must be clearly defined with specific outputs.

What Activities are Eligible for DAP Support?

  • Eligible DAP activities should promote environmental protection or provide direct benefits to those most in need in the local community. This includes disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in Iraq such as women and girls, people with a disability and displaced people. Eligible activities include education, small scale infrastructure, sanitation, rural development, environmental development, gender equality, disability inclusion, economic empowerment, cultural and sporting activities and community health. All such projects must have developmental outcomes that have a direct, practical and sustainable impact.
  • Projects should be self-contained, with finite timelines. Activities in which the recipient community themselves makes a significant contribution in terms of labour, materials or cash are particularly well-received. Projects that might act as a catalyst for additional development of the community or a model for similar developments elsewhere will also be welcomed.

What activities are NOT eligible for DAP support?

As a general rule, the following activities and inputs would not be funded:

  • Items of a routine or recurrent nature, such as staff salaries, office rental and utility costs, spare parts, supplies, routine maintenance and repairs
  • Payment of salaries or fees for consultants, advisors and managers where they constitute a major cost component
  • Generic conferences, training, cultural and sporting activities that cannot demonstrate a developmental outcome
  • International travel, including overseas study tours
  • Cash grants or micro-credit schemes or projects that involve the return of money
  • Commercial ventures
  • Purchase of major assets (e.g. vehicles)

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are invited from local legally registered non-government organisations (NGOs) with experience in implementing development activities in Iraq.  Applicants will not be accepted from individuals.