ISAR Unity invites CSOs to participate in a New Grant Competition

ISAR Unity
Last date: 
Thursday, October 15, 2020
United States

Detailed Description

ISAR Unity invites civil society organizations to participate in a new grant competition, which aims to strengthen the financial viability of public and charitable organizations through the promotion of innovation in attracting local funds.

The competition is part of the Ukrainian Civil Society Sectoral Support Initiative, implemented by ISAR Unity in partnership with the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Studies (UCIPR) and the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law (CEDEM) with the sincere support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development.

The overall goal of the Initiative is to increase the self-reliance of the public sector Ukraine by improving the environment of civic activity society and strengthening the institutional capacity of civil society organizations society (CSO).

During 2019-2024, the Initiative aims to achieve three main goals:

  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of CSOs;
  • Improve the legal environment for civil society;
  • Improve research and study of industry challenges, opportunities, and best practices of civil society

Funding Information

  • The maximum amount of grants under this competition is the hryvnia equivalent of USD 50,000.
  • In accordance with the purpose of the grant competition “Innovation in attracting local funds” includes two lots:

Lot 1. Grants for development, adaptation, and piloting of models and fundraising tools: Project proposals may include the design and piloting of innovative models and tools to attract local resources, the adaptation of foreign experience, work on the development and dissemination of existing models and tools in Ukraine. For example, these models and tools can be:

  • Crowdfunding campaigns (marathons, swimathons), mass events, including the Donor Circle;
  • Regular donations;
  • Cooperation with business (corporate, thematic, and personal funds including);
  • Endowments;
  • Fundraising “in the workplace”;
  • Social franchising;
  • Royalty;
  • CSO social entrepreneurship (except for the manufacture and sale of goods);
  • Institutionalized forms of local philanthropy (models of community funds, youth banks, centers of action locally, etc.);
  • Public-private partnership;
  • Impact of investment.

Lot 2. Grants for strengthening the ecosystem and promoting a culture of attracting local resources among Ukrainian CSOs: The lot envisages improving the conditions and environment for attracting local resources, as well as promoting a culture of attracting local resources among Ukrainian CSOs. Organizations are expected to create manuals and other methodological products, conduct research, strengthen the capacity of CSOs to attract local resources, and disseminate information about the benefits of local resource mobilization and promote existing tools and models for resource mobilization. For example, activities under this lot may include:

  • Training; schools, webinars, and other educational activities;
  • Conferences; “Round tables”; forums; “Communities of Practitioners” meetings;
  • Preparation, printing/publication, and promotion of methodical manuals, methods, textbooks, manuals, etc.;
  • Conducting research;
  • Creation and publication/publication of media content, including on social networks;
  • Measures for networking, the unification of CSOs, the creation of coalitions, platforms.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications prepared in accordance with the requirements of this competition are accepted for participation in the competition “Invitations” from experienced and capable organizations that are responsible for the following criteria:

  • organizations that are officially registered in accordance with the laws of Ukraine “On public associations” or “On charitable activities and charities organizations”;
  • organizations that are included in the “Register of non-profit organizations” with the appropriate sign of unprofitability (exclusively 0032, 0034, 0036, 0038, 0048).


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