ITB: Procurement of goods for improving hygiene and sanitation conditions for poorest female-headed households in drought and salt water intrusion affected communes

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Detailed Description

  • The bids must be securely sealed or in case of electronic submission submitted to secure bid e-mail address inaccordance with the below instructions on or before 2/08/2016 at 17:00 (Hanoi time.
  • Any bid received after this date and time will be rejected.


  • Aim: describe how the Services will be provided by the Supplier.
  • NOTE: This section can be included if there is flexibility as to how the Services will be provided. If there is no flexibility, then do not include it.
  • Describe clearly the activities that the Supplier must perform to achieve each Deliverable.
  • Use verbs/”action words” to describe the activities (to assess, to identify, to prepare, to conduct, to review etc.).


  • Aim: name the personnel who are expected to perform the Services and any particular qualifications, experience or expertise they are expected to have.
  • Define who within the Supplier’s organization will be providing the Services.
  • If there are key personnel, list them by name and title
  • If relevant, include a description of the qualifications required, including educational and professional experiences and any other requirements as relevant (e.g. familiarity with certain technological tools, language requirements, etc.).

Roles and responsibilities of the parties

  • Aim: describe any specific responsibilities of UN Women and the Supplier.
  • Identify any specific assistance, facilities, equipment, personnel, materials or supplies which the Supplier and/or UN Women will provide
  • Identify any particular arrangements necessary for the performance of the Services, and who will perform those arrangements


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