Kwinana Community Funding Program

City of Kwinana
Last date: 
Monday, November 16, 2020

Detailed Description

The City of Kwinana is seeking applications for its Community Funding Program to acknowledge and strengthen the valuable contribution that community groups and their volunteers make towards Kwinana being a vibrant, inclusive and connected community.

The Kwinana Community Funding Program supports projects, activities, initiatives that promote wellbeing and a sense of belonging in Kwinana’s community by funding not for profit community organizations and groups. The Program is a partnership between the City of Kwinana and Kwinana Community Chest.

The Program welcomes applications of up to $5,000 from local community organisations to support capacity building and community engagement projects such as:

  • projects and initiatives;
  • local group management;
  • art projects; and
  • workshops, programs and training courses.

Organisations can also apply for funding for minor equipment such as sporting equipment, gardening tools, furniture or trailers.
All applications are considered through a grants assessment and approval process undertaken by a panel of four representatives from the City of Kwinana and the Community Chest.


To assist local community groups and organizations to enhance community life and strengthen community connections through the provision of a financial grant to projects that meet funding partners’ objectives of facilitating community development.

  • To encourage local community organizations to engage in capacity building and community engagement projects and programs, maximizing the potential for collaboration between multiple groups.
  • To provide local groups and organizations access to a local funding source for the acquisition or replacement of minor equipment.

Funding Information

  • Up to $5,000 per application.

Who can apply?

  • Community groups and organisations must be Kwinana based, incorporated and not-for-profit entities. Organisations who are not incorporated may ask another organisation to auspice their application; and
  • School P & F Associations, Resident Groups/ Associations and Town Teams.

Application Submission

  • Once you have registered an account with Smarty Grants you are able to preview the application form before starting the application;
  • Have all your attachments/supporting documentation (quotes, budget etc.) on hand when you start your application;
  • A strong and accurate budget for your proposed project, event or initiative is an important part of the application. Applicants are to indicate contributions to the project by their organisation either financial or in-kind, including volunteer hours. This will be reported on as part of the acquittal and evaluation to finalise your funding application at the completion of your project, event or initiative.
  • The application should address the following:
  • A statement detailing a description of the project, event or initiative including date/time, location, theme, audience, proposed activities and entertainment, etc.;
  • Applications will need to include an overview of the proposed project, event or initiative outlining how it will meet the objectives of the funding program, and how it will be delivered to the residents of the area in which it will be held;
  • Demonstrated ability of the individual/group/ organisation to achieve timeframes and budgets outlined in the proposal;
  • The applicant/organisation’s capacity to administer the project;
  • Appropriate marketing and communications acknowledgement of the City’s support; and
  • Details of other sponsors or partners (proposed or confirmed) involved in the project, event or initiative.


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