Langeberg Municipality: Inviting Applications for Grants-in-Aid

Langeberg Municipality
Last date: 
Friday, October 29, 2021
South Africa

Detailed Description

The Langeberg Municipality is inviting applications from deserving applicants to apply for grants in aid in terms of the Municipality’s Grants-in-Aid Policy.

Grants-in-Aid should improve the opportunity for council to elicit support from external organizations to deliver those services to communities, falling within the Council’s area, in a way that allows the creation of an enabling environment for community development.


The following categories are eligible for Grant-In-Aid:

  • Solid Waste (Cleansing): Waste Reduction and awareness, Projects / programmes include the following but are not limited to:
  • Was te reduction and awareness;
  • Educational programmes/projects addressing litter and waste handling; and,
  • Recycling and Waste minimization solution.
  • Social Development: The promotion of projects/programmes which stimulates the Langeberg Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) focusing especially on the needs of the most marginalized sectors in the greater Langeberg. Project/programmes include the following but are not limited to:
  • Poverty alleviation;
  • Capacity building of communities;
  • Vulnerable group within communities (poor/aged/youth/disabled/women);
  • Early childhood development;
  • Street people programmes;
  • Arts and culture programmes.


  • The Municipality shall not make any direct financial contribution for festivals.
  • The Municipality shall only, assist with the rendering of services free of charge.
  • Services offered free of charge are also limited to the monetary limit of this policy.
  • Interested groups who wish to apply for assistance for festivals shall also follow the prescribed procedural and substantive rules of this policy.

Environment: To stimulate the development of sustainable environmental projects within the municipal area. Projects/programmes include the following but are not limited to:

  • Voluntary rescue organisations;
  • organisations promoting community involvement in environmental projects.

projects which further the Council’s aims and the strategies of IMEP (Integrated Municipal Environmental Policy) and including, but not limited to the sustainable management of:

  • riverine corridors;
  • biodiversity;
  • natural and built environment;
  • heritage resources;
  • quality urban spaces;
  • ecological conservation areas;
  • urban agricultural complexes;
  • bioregional planning;
  • nature area management;
  • Wetlands;
  • Animal Welfare organisations.


  • The Policy applies to all transfers of grants made by the municipality, including grants made by the Executive Mayor.
  • The total expenditure on grants may not exceed 1% of the operational budget of the municipality.
  • No transfer may be made which exceeds R20 000.00 per organization or body, except for allocations to organizations which performs a Municipal function on behalf of the municipality. In such a case, these grants will be determined annually when the municipality’s budget is approved by Council.

Grants-in-aid transfers/payments shall be restricted to deserving organizations and bodies serving, especially those working with the poor/aged/youth/disabled/women, as per the eligible categories provided that such organisations or bodies:

  • Operate as a separate legal entity and are recognized as such by South African legislation;
  • Are governed by their constitutions, have regular meetings with their membership and subscribe to sound accounting practices; and
  • Are allocated and serves communities and individuals who are most in need within the jurisdiction of the municipality.
  • No grants-in-aid may be made to any political, church or sectarian organisation or body.
  • No grants will be allocated, under this policy, to organisations or bodies in cases where a member of Council or an official of Langeberg Municipality receives any financial or other gain.
  • Individuals may not apply for Grants-in-aid and no payments may be made under this policy to individuals. Council may however set aside a specific amount from which the Executive Mayor, at his/her discretion, may make donations to support individual, meritorious cases in order to assist and/or recognize individual excellence in whichever field. Such sponsorship or donation will promote or be in line with the objects of Local Government as stipulated of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa or the Integrated Development Plan of the municipality.
  • Funds may only be transferred to an organisation or body if provision has been made for the expenditure on the budget or appropriations budget.
  • An organisation or body is only entitled to one allocation per financial year, but disbursements can be made more often.


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