Levi Lassen Foundation Grants Program

Levi Lassen Foundation

Relevent Country: Israel

Type of work: Research and Survey

The Levi Lassen Foundation is offering grants to not-for-profit organizations which work to advance social and economic justice.

The Levi Lassen Foundation is an equity and philanthropy fund which was established in 1957 by Mr. Jacques Levi Lassen, a Dutch entrepreneur and industrialist in the fashion and real estate business.

Vision and Mission

  • The Levi Lassen Foundation focuses on supporting Ethiopian-Israeli Girls and Women (ages 15 to 30).
  • Levi Lassen also supports NGOs in Israel with a Dutch affiliation, with an emphasis on organizations that assist and care for elderly immigrants from Holland.
  • They believe in an Israel where everyone participates in a shared and just society, predicated on the best values of equality, tolerance and social justice in a liberal democracy.
  • Levi Lassen’s work in Israel began over 40 years ago. Levi Lassen is committed to helping Israel develop, grow and prosper through supporting programs committed to promoting a shared society.

Funding Information

  • NGOs may apply for up to 15,000 Euro’s a year and may be given a grant for a period of one year. Grantees may apply for a renewal grant (subject to submitting an evaluation report which has to be approved by the foundation).

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Levi Lassen Foundation will consider funding applications from NGOs and projects that fulfil the following criteria:
  • NGOs that advance young Ethiopian-Israeli girls and women (ages 15-30), or specific projects that advance young Ethiopian-Israeli girls and women (ages 15-30)
  • Dutch-Affliliated organizations in Israel. Especially those that provide support for elderly immigrants from Holland, such as nursing homes.
  • The project must have synergy with the overall vision and mission of the NGO.
  • The project (not necessarily the NGO) must be of grassroots nature.
  • The project must have a down to earth impact and make a difference.
  • NGOs must be able to demonstrate a stable, effective, creative and well-run organization, a sound financial status, and Nihul Takin. Startup NGOs may also apply without Nihul Takin.
  • You may only submit one grant request per year.


  • Individuals (including scholarships, food and equipment distribution to individuals)
  • Projects with a political agenda and advocacy work
  • Pure arts (e.g., music, dance, vocal, theatre, films, drawing, sculpture)
  • Formal education
  • Hospitals, medical treatment or equipment
  • Projects geared towards special needs communities.
  • Religious activity
  • Academic research
  • Universities and colleges
  • Construction and renovation costs
  • Municipalities and schools
  • Trauma, post trauma, rehabilitation and emergencies
  • Projects where the activity undertaken is clearly the responsibility of the government.

Source: https://www.levilassen.org/application-procedure/procedure-dates/