Literary Events and Projects Grant Programme

Danish Arts Foundation

Relevent Country: Denmark

The Danish Arts Foundation is currently accepting applications for its grant programme to support literary events and projects that focus on Danish literature and authors, as well as mentor support and network support for translators.


One of the purposes of the Danish Arts Foundation is to promote access to Danish literature abroad. This is why the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Literary Project Funding wants to strengthen high-quality events and initiatives abroad, and which focus on Danish literature.

Funding Information

  • The committee considers self-financing projects and projects that are partially funded by other sources to be positive, because it is extremely seldom that the committee finances projects fully.
  • The size of the support varies and depends on the concrete project, but only in a few cases will the support amount to more than DKK 100,000 for a project, also based on the consideration that the art support must benefit as many applicants as possible.
  • If you receive a grant of:
  • DKK 100,000 or less, they pay the grant as closely as possible to the start date you have stated in your application. You should therefore make sure that the start date you enter matches the date of the first expenses for your project.
  • more than DKK 100,000 with a project period longer than six months, they pay the grant in instalments.

Eligible Projects

  • Festivals and events, the purpose of which is to promote Danish literature, authors and illustrators
  • Literature presentation projects with a Danish artistic focus
  • Network support for translator networks
  • Mentor support for translators (a fixed amount of DKK 6,000)
  • Research travel for foreign translators, agents and publishers
  • Other literary events and initiatives

Eligibility Criteria

  • Organisers of literary events, initiatives and literature presentation projects for children, young adults and adults.
  • The project must be based on Danish literature.
  • Translators and publishers may apply for mentor support for translators, and translators may apply for network support.


  • Projects in which the literature belongs to the realm of research, education, regional and local history, handbooks, self-help and lifestyle books, dictionaries, catalogues, or similar literature.
  • Projects that were carried out and finished before the expiry of the application deadline.