Lloyd’s Register Foundation announces Small Grants Scheme

Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is pleased to announce the applications for Small Grants Scheme.

The ethos of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation small grants scheme is “a little can go a long way”.  Through this scheme the Foundation is making funds available to:

Initiate, build, or consolidate partnerships with an array of organisations in relevant sectors, e.g. policy, practitioner, industrial, commercial, and community.

Test out ideas through pilot studies, proof of concept projects or activities targeting policy, business and the third sector

Funding Information

  • Grants up to £10,000 GBP for organisations.

Eligibility Criteria

They will consider applications:

  • relating to the charitable mission of Lloyd’s Register Foundation
  • with a potential to lead on to future collaborations, clear knowledge exchange or to create/accelerate impact
  • for projects or activities lasting no more than 12 months.


They will not consider applications for:

  • work which is not within the Foundation’s mission
  • One off events, conferences or activities which only directly benefit the applicant
  • capital works
  • infrastructure
  • school, college, or university fees
  • retrospective funding
  • lobbying and campaigning
  • business / first-class travel
  • funding for a component of an already-funded project (such as journal publication costs, additional travel, sub-projects).

Source: https://www.lrfoundation.org.uk/en/news/small-grants-scheme-upcoming-rounds/