Local Climate Action Innovation Program

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Relevent Country: Zambia

The United States Agency for International Development in Zambia (USAID/Zambia) is seeking applications from non-profit and for-profit organizations to participate in USAID’s Local Climate Action Innovation Annual Program Statement (LCAI APS).

The Zambia LCAI APS is an initiative to encourage new and innovative ideas, as well as new partnerships to create sustained, measurable improvements in development outcomes. USAID/Zambia is looking for innovative and creative ideas and, through the Zambia LCAI APS, is open to considering a wide range of approaches to achieve its development objectives.

The Zambia LCAI APS seeks to expand USAID’s direct relationship with new, grassroots, community-based, and/or private sector organizations to support climate smart innovations. Emphasis will be placed on locally led, locally developed, innovative, risk-embracing concepts that engage the private sector and communities in climate-friendly economic growth.

Focus Areas

  • Climate: Proposed ideas/programs should focus on climate-positive action that will support adaptation, mitigation, and strengthened resilience of rural communities and businesses. However, the avenue for this engagement is not restricted. For example, the use of technology, engagement with the agriculture sector, or working on the demand/supply of financing (plus many more!) are potential fits.
  • Gender: Proposed ideas/programs may focus on efforts to close the gender gap with respect to income equality, labor force participation, and access to productive capital such as land and credit. For enterprise driven and inclusive economic growth to effectively reduce poverty, women and other marginalized groups need to be involved and targeted. For instance, it is essential that interventions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consider women’s important role as leaders with unique skills and knowledge to contribute to local needs and solutions. Women rely more heavily on traditional food sources and subsistence agriculture, which are severely affected by climate change. To improve food security for all, women farmers should have equal access to climate-smart agricultural resources, information, and risk management tools to lead on food-security solutions.
  • Cost-Sharing: “Cost share” refers to resources that the applicant is bringing to the award. In other words, it means “skin in the game”. As a part of this innovative effort, USAID/Zambia is particularly interested in seeing applicants put forward their own resources to demonstrate ownership of the application and compliment the requested USAID resources. Cost share is not required, but is encouraged to demonstrate serious ownership of the proposed idea/program.
  • Risk: Innovation and risk go hand-in-hand and truly transformative ideas are often the riskiest ones. USAID/Zambia also recognizes that not all risks can be averted or mitigated. Thus, USAID/Zambia is using this APS to lean into risk and encourage high-risk, high-reward ideas/programs that are well thought out.

Funding Information

  • The total amount of funding to be awarded under this APS will depend on the variety and quality of the proposals USAID/Zambia receives, but is estimated at approximately US Dollars (USD) $250,000. USAID/Zambia intends to award up to 10 Fixed Amount Awards. Individual awards are not expected to exceed $50,000, though this is not a hard ceiling and the Mission is open to innovative ideas that may require more funding. Grantees will have up to one year to implement the award and demonstrate success.
  • The period of performance must be 12 months or less.

Geographic Scope

  • Proposed ideas/programs can be anywhere within Zambia.

Eligibility Criteria

  • USAID welcomes local entities that have received less than $250,000 of USAID assistance in the past 5 years (this also includes entities that have not received any USAID assistance in the past 5 years). To qualify as a “local entity” an individual or organization must meet the following four requirements:
  • Is legally organized under the laws of Zambia that is receiving assistance from USAID;
  • Has its principal place of business or operations in Zambia;
  • Is majority-owned by individuals who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of Zambia; and
  • Is managed by a governing body, the majority of whom are citizens or lawful permanent residents of Zambia.
  • Potential applicants should visit workwithusaid.org for additional information on partnering with USAID.

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