Local Conservation Grants

Wellington Zoo

Relevent Country: New Zealand

The Wellington Zoo is now inviting applications for its Local Conservation Grants for projects or programmes with clear community conservation value for native wildlife and wild places.

The Foundation support projects in the wider community and invite applications from the Greater Wellington Region and the Chatham Islands (part of the local Rongotai electorate).

Are certain types of projects given preference?

  • Project applications will score more highly during the assessment process if they:
  • will have a positive impact on ecosystems or with species where climate change is considered to be a particular threat;
  • are logistically feasible, fiscally sound, and involve a team with adequate skills and experience to deliver a measurable outcome;
  • take a collaborative approach and involve the local community;
  • are innovative in approach or resource use;
  • are linked to the Zoo or the Zoo community

Funding Information

  • Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of $5,000 and most grants will be between $1,500 – $3,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible projects must have a clear conservation value (i.e. a measurable outcome to improve knowledge or status of a priority species or habitat), and be based in the Greater Wellington region or the Chatham Islands.
  • They will need to contribute to at least two of the following sustainability aspects: social, climate change, local ecological, and/or wider environmental.

What is not eligible for funding?

  • In general, Wellington Zoo Local Conservation Grants are not for pure/non-applied research. They will, however, be happy to consider applications for projects with a research component, especially where the outputs could have an influence on future conservation management.
  • This is not a travel grants fund, and they will not consider applications where the main focus is on supporting conference attendance or meeting organisation.

Other costs they would generally consider ineligible for support include the following:

  • Thesis production costs
  • Retrospective costs
  • Prize money
  • Entertainment costs
  • Social or networking functions
  • Fundraising or general income-growth purposes
  • Debt servicing or financial costs
  • Office equipment (unless an essential element in completing field work)
  • Internships and volunteer programmes (unless benefiting an identified conservation need.)

Source: https://wellingtonzoo.com/conservation/local-grants/