Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation Grant

Southern Saskatchewan Community Foundation

Relevent Country: Canada

The Southern Saskatchewan Community Foundation is inviting applications for The Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation Grant to promote social, cultural, religious, and other activities deemed beneficial to communities in southern Saskatchewan with priority given to the City of Regina.

Grants often focus on supporting outreach to those in need, providing educational opportunities, and supporting the arts.

The Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation (LEJF) grant process is administered in conjunction with the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation (SSCF).

Types of Grants

  • For a Capital Grant ensure your application includes: Details of cost of building or facilities to be provided, how estimated, whether land costs, etc. included, and details of any existing indebtedness.
  • For a Major Equipment Grant ensure your application narrative includes:A description of equipment for which the grant would be applied.
  • Cost and a description of how it was determined. Attach quotes, if available.
  • Will the equipment necessitate the appointment of additional personnel, space or structural changes? If so, give details and how the increased costs are to be financed.
  • For a Special Grant ensure your application narrative includes:
  • A complete description of the activity or service is to be provided.
  • The project cost for the period to be covered. Please attach a budget.

Funding Information

  • The Typical grant range is from $5,000 to $15,000.


  • Grants are made to Canadian registered charities. A non-charitable receipt is required. If not registered, a formal partner with charitable status is required and a formal agreement with the partner included as part of a complete application.
  • Priority is given to projects that are innovative or show collaboration across multiple organizations.
  • Grant requests may include program-based funding, capital or equipment funding or operating funding.
  • Requests are not normally considered on a continuing or multi-year basis.
  • Grants are not normally made to charities which operate primarily as grant-making organizations.

Source: https://sscf.ca/lorne-and-evelyn-johnson-foundation/