Low-Value Grant for Building the Capacity of Media

United Nations Development Programme

Relevent Country: Samoa

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched a Low-Value Grant to build the capacity of Samoa media in reporting on anti-corruption, integrity, UNCAC, SDG 16, and related themes.

Purpose: To coordinate, facilitate and deliver capacity-building workshops to Samoan national media associations and journalists to strengthen their capacity to monitor and report on UNCAC and SDG 16 issues. It will also include the production of a small toolkit/guidelines for Samoan journalists as well as coordinate an awareness-raising event to support awareness and observance of the International Anti-corruption Day (IACD 2022).

The UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project (UN-PRAC) is a joint initiative between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) that aims to support the institutional strengthening of national integrity mechanisms of Pacific Island countries to promote ‘clean’ governments and create an enabling environment, vibrant with business, trade, investment and sustainable development.

Funding Information

Expressions of interest are minimum and maximum of USD 20,000 to be spent within three months.


The call for low-value grant proposals responds to Output 3 under the UN-PRAC Regional Project for UNDP.

  • Media oversight over the management of public resources increased and of better quality. The successful not-for-profit journalists’ entity or
  • NGO will implement activities aimed at strengthening the capacities of Samoan media and journalists toward improved anti-corruption reporting in the Pacific by understanding anti-corruption issues, and undertaking reporting on integrity, UNCAC, SDG16 and related themes.

The successful organization is to provide the following:

  • Anti-corruption journalists’ strengthening and activities. Assist a cross-section of Samoan journalists to become aware of anti-corruption issues and reporting with a focus on investigative reporting, research and partnerships. This will encompass a small focus group session, the production of a small toolkit/guidelines for Samoan journalists, and a dedicated workshop to implement the toolkit and recommended techniques.
  • Develop with UN-PRAC & UNDP Samoa a major 1 or 1.5-day anti-corruption workshop for media on a key integrity thematic area agreed with UN-PRAC, which also encompasses a launch of a major knowledge product.
  • Support for awareness and observance of International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD 2022) with an event organized for awareness-raising beforehand
  • The Low-Value Grants are not able to fund provision for direct services or operating /running costs unrelated to a proposed activity.

Expected Outcomes

The three primary results that are expected from this grant partnership are as follows:

  • Strengthen the functional capacity and service delivery of local media’s anticorruption training.
  • Improved capacity and knowledge of local journalists including networking  particularly in terms of anti-corruption reporting including the impact on COVID-related funding; and
  • Expand media reporting in terms of corruption impact, particularly on disadvantaged groups and women.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant is a registered Samoa not-for-profit journalists’ entity or organization in operation for at least 2 years in Samoa
  • Based in Samoa (International entities not eligible)
  • The applicant is not on the consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions list
  • The applicant is not being investigated for fraud, corruption, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or other wrongdoing.
  • The applicant has a positive working experience as a partner for UN-implemented
  • Projects of similar nature (if a current partner, meaning they are in a current partnership agreement with Spotlight Initiative under UNDP, not eligible)
  • The applicant is not a government entity or a UN organization.

Source: https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_file.cfm?doc_id=314063