Members of the ISDAO Regional Panel of Activists for Grantmaking

ISDAO Regional

Relevent Country: Burkina Faso

Are you an LGBTQI rights activist in West Africa who has a great track record of collaborating on LGBTQI rights? Are you engaged and invested in the struggles of LGBTQI people in West Africa and the movements of sexual and gender minorities? Are you committed to human rights, diversity and equity issues? Would you like to participate in decision-making regarding the allocation of resources to ISDAO’s movements? If yes, this opportunity for you to join the ISDAO Grantmaking Activist Panel and contribute your skills, experience and insights to our grantmaking process and decision-making.

Sankofa West Africa Initiative (ISDAO) is recruiting activists from the LGBTQI movement to join ISDAO’s Panel of Activists for the Granting of Subsidies (PAOS) ​​for a two-year term with the possibility of renewal after the first term. ISDAO is recruiting new members to ISDAO’s grantmaking panel as 90% of PAOS’s inaugural members have recently completed their terms. As an activist-led fund, ISDAO is keen to ensure greater representation and inclusion of the diversity of ISDAO’s communities on the panel. In particular, ISDAO welcomes key players from the following countries and LGBTIQ rights activists who self-identify and address geographic and community priorities:

Geographical areas of interest: Activists based in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo.

Communities: Activists who identify as one or more of the following groups: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Non-Binary, Queer, Intersex.

Note: ISDAO strongly encourages young LGBTQI activists from target countries to apply for PAOS membership.

Mission and Responsibilities

Under the direct responsibility and supervision of the ISDAO team, members of the Grantmaking Activist Panel review eligible proposals received in response to ISDAO’s annual call for proposals, in line with the vision, to the values ​​and mission of ISDAO. The Grantmaking Activist Panel is an autonomous decision-making body within ISDAO, and has the power to review proposals, and ensure fairness and transparency in the selection process for proposals submitted by grantees. organizations or groups. The Grantmaking Activist Panel evaluates eligible proposals based on criteria and process collectively developed by PAOS each review cycle, proposals received each grant cycle, and the feminist principle that guides the work. from ISDAO.

The review is also based on a collective analysis of the context and knowledge of LGBTQI movements in the different countries and at the regional level, on the feedback from ISDAO on past and current partners and on the priorities set collectively by the PAOS. Priorities are developed based on proposals received, emerging issues in the region and knowledge of the movement at the country level. The panel makes collective decisions on funding based on the analysis provided by the lead reviewers, discussion and collective review by all PAOS members when making the decision.

Note: No individual on the panel can make a decision about awarding a grant on their own, or unilaterally influence funding decisions. This is a joint decision-making process conducted by all panel members. In accordance with the Conflict of Interest Policy, PAOS members who have an actual or potential conflict do not participate in the review, discussion, or decision-making regarding the particular proposal to which they relate.

The main mandates of the members of the panel are, among others, the following:

  • Actively participate in proposal review and scoring, including but not limited to participating in in-person and virtual meetings to discuss and make decisions regarding ISDAO funding;
  • Share knowledge on current issues, concerns, opportunities and priorities within LGBTQI movements in focal countries and regionally.
  • Share knowledge and skills with other panel members and ISDAO staff to ensure effective decision-making of proposals;
  • Commit their time to the proposal review process and provide special technical assistance and advice on a voluntary basis;
  • Commit to and strictly comply with the provisions of the conflict of interest and confidentiality agreement required in connection with the activities of the panel.
  • Follow the ISDAO principles in all decisions they make as PAOS members.

Experience and Skills

A member of the ISDAO PAOS must;

  • Identify as one (or more) of the following people: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, non-binary, Queer, Intersex.
  • Have extensive experience collaborating and working with LGBTQI individuals, groups and communities on community and social programs;
  • Have knowledge of various areas, approaches and contexts of LGBTQI group activism and organizing;
  • Have knowledge and/or relevant experience on LGBTQI rights and issues in West Africa;
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to human rights, diversity and equality;
  • Be easily accessible by email and telephone;
  • Currently be an activist, based in the West Africa region, and residing in one of the ISDAO focal countries;
  • Have and maintain private access to a computer and the internet, and be able to work in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and use electronic mail systems;
  • Be able to communicate, read proposals and supporting documents, and write in at least one of the languages ​​used by ISDAO (English or French).
  • Be able to work in a team and in a multicultural environment.
  • Be able to work virtually and face-to-face;
  • Be able to adapt to change.
  • Adhere to and practice the values ​​of Integrity, transparency, tolerance and discretion.
  • Agree to make decisions that align with and represent the values ​​and principles of ISDAO.