Millet Start-up Innovation Challenge

Government of India

Relevent Country: India

The Government of India is accepting applications for Millet Start-up Innovation Challenge to encourage young minds by nurturing their creative thinking and innovative strategies in the millet sector to address the concerns and create new techniques to position millets as alternative staples across the world.

Innovation is highly encouraged in finding solutions to the problem statements in the millet sector.

Challenge Vision and Mission

The start-up innovation challenge aims at creating innovative solutions to the existing problems in the millet sector. The start-up innovation challenge envisages strengthening the efforts of the Government of India is observing IYOM, 2023 to make it a people’s movement so that the Indian millets, recipes, and value-added products are promoted globally. To promote the research and innovation in millet processing and millet products, thus creating better products and a better market.

Thematic Areas

The start-ups, researchers, and students providing innovative technological/ business solutions in the following areas are eligible to participate:

  • Improvements in Dehulling Efficiency and separation
  • Innovation in the technology of grain separation through size, as the size of the dehulled head grains, native grains are almost similar with an insignificant difference.
  • Bringing down the cost and improving the technology of colour sorter
  • Any other solutions to the problems stated in Dehulling Efficiency and separation
  • Improvement of shelf life of the millet-based product
  • How to hinder lipase activity?
  • Ways to control lipid oxidation?
  • Methods to Control moisture and water activity of the millet products?
  • Any Other ways and technologies to improve the shelf life of processed millets, millet flours and millet products
  • Innovative millet-based Products -Innovative packaging
  • Ways to reduce the spoilage of millet flakes?
  • How can the germ be removed from the millet grain?
  • Improvement of the textural profile of millets flakes and puffs
  • Any new, innovative product development, formulations and standardisation in millets.
  • Innovative packaging solutions to enhance the shelf life of millets and millet products.
  • Application of AI, ML, and blockchain in Millet business.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian entrepreneurs and start-ups are eligible to submit their entries in various categories as enlisted. College students may also be considered especially who are in the field of agriculture, medicine, Agri-engineering, food, nutrition, etc as they are future entrepreneurs and are the first ones to adapt to the new age technologies and find ways to tackle the problems.


  • ‘Start-up Innovation Challenge’ Certificate by Chief Guest during the 2-day mega event.
  • Training on Processing and Value addition of millets at Nutrihub IIMR.
  • Win exciting cash prizes during the event.
  • Complimentary pass for the 2-day mega event at HICC, Kondapur, Hyderabad.