National Lottery Heritage Fund offering Grants in two Categories

National Lottery Heritage Fund
Last date: 
Friday, January 15, 2021
United Kingdom

Detailed Description

The National Lottery Heritage Fund is seeking applications for its Shared History Fund to support organisations in the UK marking the centenary of Northern Ireland.

This fund has been created as part of the UK Government’s commitment to facilitate local and national awareness of the centenary of Northern Ireland, which also paved the way for the formation of the UK as we know it today.

The fund also reflects the commitment to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland in line with the Principles for Remembering, as set out in the New Decade New Approach agreement in January 2020.


It will support organisations seeking to:

  • Mark the centenary of Northern Ireland in 2021 in a spirit of mutual respect, inclusiveness and reconciliation, in line with the Principles for Remembering.
  • Facilitate local and national awareness of, and engagement with, this significant national anniversary.

Funding Information

  • Grants will be awarded between £3,000 and £100,000 in two categories: £3,000-£10,000 and £10,000-£100,000.
  • Funding must be spent by 31 March 2022.

What the Fund is looking for?

  • Projects that facilitate local and national awareness of the Centenary of Northern Ireland.
  • Projects that will deliver in 2021 or by the first quarter of 2022.
  • Projects that are accessible, taking into consideration how the activity will be inclusive of different audiences and demographics.
  • Projects that have appropriately considered and contingency planned for how public health restrictions relating to COVID-19 may impact any in-person events. You will need to factor in assumptions about social distancing in line with the regulations in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Projects that encourage reflection, engagement and exploration of different perspectives on a century of life in Northern Ireland.

The Principles for Remembering

  • Start from the historical facts.
  • Recognise the implications and consequences of what happened.
  • Understand that different perceptions and interpretations exist.
  • Show how events and activities can deepen understanding of the period.
  • All to be seen in the context of an inclusive and accepting society.

Eligibility Criteria

This fund is open to organisations across the UK, and is designed to support a diverse range of groups seeking to mark the centenary, including:

  • Charities, trusts and charitable incorporated organisations;
  • Community and voluntary groups;
  • Community interest companies;
  • Faith based or church organisations;
  • Local authorities;
  • Educational organisations;
  • Other public sector and not for profit organisations.
  • Who cannot apply:
  • For profit organisations.


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