NSW Wildlife Heroes Large Durable Asset Grant

Last date: 
Friday, September 25, 2020

Detailed Description

The NSW Wildlife Heroes Large Durable Asset grant program is managed by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife with funding from the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

This grant program will enable licensed volunteer wildlife rehabilitation groups (groups) and licensed independent rehabilitators (independents) and not-for-profit/ non-government veterinary hospitals to acquire larger durable assets for use in the rescue, treatment, and rehabilitation of animals as a result of emergency situations.

This grant round will prioritize support to rebuild and repair fire-damaged wildlife care infrastructure and improve existing assets to increase the wildlife rehabilitation sector’s capacity to respond to fire emergencies.


  • Enable licensed wildlife groups, not-for-profit wildlife veterinary hospitals, and independent license holders to buy appropriate equipment for emergency response that meets NPWS standards i.e. Codes of Practice.
  • Replace assets lost during the summer 2019-20 fire emergency.
  • Reduce the cost of emergency response to individual volunteers.
  • Increase the capacity of the wildlife rehabilitation sector to meet the demands of future emergency events.
  • Enhance the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of wildlife emergency response operations.
  • Improve animal welfare outcomes for injured wildlife.

Funding Information

  • The total amount of funds available for allocation under this grant program is $300,000.
  • Grant requests should be between $10,000 and $50,000.
  • Grants for assets worth more than $50,000 will be considered where there is a co-contribution of funds or where two or more groups have partnered on an application.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are welcomed from:

  • Licensed NSW volunteer wildlife rehabilitation groups and independent wildlife license holders.
  • A not-for-profit, non-government wildlife veterinary clinics, and hospitals.

Eligible items

  • Individual assets must have a value of $10,000 or more to be eligible.
  • Applications that combine smaller value assets to reach a minimum value of $10,000 will not be considered.
  • Each application is for one asset only. Groups should submit a new application for each asset.

Eligible items the grant can pay for:

  • mobile diagnostic equipment or intensive care units.
  • trailers for carrying emergency response equipment.
  • component of mobile wildlife hospital or emergency response vehicle (e.g. custom fitting or modification).
  • purchase, construction, upgrade, or repair of holding cages, pens, and enclosures for housing and transporting animals.
  • purchase, construction, significant upgrade, or repair of large, fixed enclosures, particularly pre-release enclosures.

Source: https://wildlifeheroes.org.au/nsw-wildlife-heroes-large-durable-asset-fund-grant-guidelines/

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