Open Call Saving Lives at Birth in Low-Resource Settings

Laerdal Foundation

Relevent Country: India

Type of work: Research and Survey

The Laerdal Foundation is offering grants to support projects relating to interventions on day of birth – including prevention of stillborn deaths.

Applications that go beyond a local impact and have the potential to document long term practical value and stimulate developments also in other regions/countries will be prioritized.

Practical experience of the applicants to deal with the special challenges typically found in low-resource settings, and a strong commitment for participation also from local partners, are other factors that will be considered.

If an institution considers to submit applications from several applicants, the institution should prioritize the projects before submission.

Funding Information

The Board expects to fund up to 20 projects per year in this category, with a maximum amount of USD 50,000, with the average grant being around USD 30,000. The Board will carefully consider the realism of the presented budget, and whether this contains items that the Foundation according to this information is not funding. If the total expenses for the project should exceed the grant, the Board will consider the likelihood that the project can be carried out with required additional funding from other sources. Institutional overhead cost related to the project may be covered up to 10%.

Funding Criteria

The Foundation in particular welcomes applications that can advance treatment recommendations, education or implementation within:

  • Resuscitation.
  • Trauma.
  • Maternal and/or newborn care.
  • 50 % is earmarked for projects or programs to save lives at birth in low-resource settings.
  • They are also funding education research projects at, or in collaboration with the SAFER simulation center in Stavanger.
  • Factors that can strengthen the chances of funding:
  • High impact, including potential for scaling.
  • Synergies with other programs the Foundation is supporting.
  • Matching funding/multicenter collaborations.
  • Strong CV of principal investigator and mentor.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are particularly welcome relating to:
  • Innovative approaches to more efficient education and implementation.
  • Collaborative initiatives relating to scale-up of proven concepts.
  • Projects taking place in the Foundation’s focus countries: Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.