Outdoor Active Recreation Grants

Columbia Basin Trust

Relevent Country: Canada

The Columbia Basin Trust is inviting applications for the Outdoor Active Recreation Grants to support community efforts to create low-barrier outdoor recreational opportunities that encourages residents to live more active, healthy lifestyles.

Funding Information 

  • The maximum amount of Trust funding for any one project is $250,000.
  • For applicants from incorporated communities with populations greater than 3,000, up to 60 per cent of total project costs can be requested from the Trust.
  • For applicants from unincorporated communities, rural areas, First Nations Communities, or incorporated communities with populations of less than 3,000 up to 75 per cent of total project costs can be requested from the Trust.
  • Projects showing broad community support and confirmed cash contributions from additional sources are more likely to receive funding.

What types of projects are eligible?

Eligible projects include the following:

  • the development or enhancement of outdoor recreation facilities such as in-place exercise equipment, multi-purpose courts and fields, disc golf courses, bike parks and pump tracks, skate parks, rinks, pools, and playgrounds;
  • adapting outdoor recreation facilities to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities;
  • installing or upgrading amenities to enhance safety or user experience such as shade structures, bike racks and washrooms; or
  • upgrades that enhance existing facilities for multi-sport or multi-purpose use;

Note: Individual project eligibility is determined by the Trust at its sole discretion.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible applicants include registered non-profits, local governments and First Nations in the Columbia Basin Trust region.

Source: https://ourtrust.org/grants-and-programs-directory/outdoor-active-recreation-grants/